Why We Don’t Encounter God!

Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden

The controversy of our origins starts with the creation of the parents of humankind, Adam and Eve respectively. The Bible says that, after giving birth to all nonliving and animal forms on Earth, God created a couple of humans, one male and one female. First was created the man from dust into whom God breathed life. His name, Adam, comes from a Hebrew term which means earth and indicates his provenience. Not immediately after, the Creator gave Adam a female companion, creating her out of one of his ribs, while he was asleep.

Striking a Deal With God

The Bible contains quite a few accounts of direct communication between God and humans. One of the blessed ones is Abraham, an important character in Genesis and especially in Jewish religion.

Here’s a Quick Fix

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Puja in Hinduism

In Hinduism, puja is a common way of worshipping Gods. It is the most famous way of worship that is practiced in every Hindu house till date. People do puja on daily basis and also during some auspicious ceremony or function. A puja can be a complicated or simple ritual depending on the way it is done.

God Has Plans For You

How can we know that God has plans for us? How we can know – what the plans He has for us are.

Learn to Read the Bible Effectively – How to Choose Which Translation to Read

There are many different English translations of the Bible but there are only two different ways in which it is translated The Bible comes from a selection of manuscripts written over thousands of years. Some are very large and some are just fragments. They have been compiled by linguistic experts into a Bible based on the original languages (the Old Testament was written in Hebrew & Aramaic and the New Testament in Greek) into a document called the “Textus Receptus” or the “Received Text” from which our modern English versions are translated.

Looking to Man’s Side of the Foundation!

After seeing the divine side of the foundation, we surely cannot afford to overlook man’s part in this spiritual equation! The right side says that every one that calls on the name of Christ should depart from iniquity, calling for a changed life on the part of every convert! Being a convert here means that someone has changed from being what he/she was before and taking up a new nature in Christ.

The Care For Your Precious Soul

Many times we find ourselves in a situation where things just looked completely hopeless, and we look around to others for help and concern, but instead of getting what we want, we found out that the people we look up to are completely indifferent to our problems. The next thing we do is to ponder about the situation of the world today: why is everyone so selfish? Doesn’t anyone care what happens in our lives at all?

Interesting Biblical Herbs and Their Qualities

One of the oldest herbals in the world is the Bible, both Old and New Testaments. The benefits of these herbs have been known for a long time, though some of them may be a bit of a surprise.

God Cares For Your Soul

God commended His love toward us, in the sense that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Now, when you rebel against God, He feels the hurt of your sin – just as you are hurt by the offense of someone you love. But God still wants you back to Him because He does not want any man to perish or suffer eternal damnation. He wants us to come to the knowledge of the truth and be saved.

Jesus Christ Cares For Your Soul

From the time of Adam, the decree has been that we must die for our sins. God’s sentence was: “The soul that sins, it shall die”. But Jesus changed all that. He came to this world, went to the cross voluntarily to pay our penalty for sin. Through the grace of God, Jesus Christ tasted death for every man.

Preparation For Eternal Life – A Right Spiritual Attitude

In the Bible we see in the 48th Psalm a majestic part of the Old Testament book of praise, homage and devotion. It contains component parts of the nature of our Creator. Contemplating on the scope of our joyous association with God baffles our minds to realize that heaven really cares for our needs and blesses our hearts.

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