WHY you should fast – The POWER of fasting

Breaking Apart Facades to Reveal Truth

As we empty ourselves of the facade, we find God honours our reverence for the truth by fitting us with the encouragement of his firmly reassuring and equipping Spirit. The truth sets us free to enjoy more of God.

From Faith To Reason

It is amazing how with our finite minds we try to understand or explain the responses or non responses of God. Man stands before the infinite God to question His reasoning for allowing certain things to happen or not happen in life.

How Much Does God Love Me?

As I go through the struggles of my life I find it troublesome once in awhile that God seems so far from my reach. The question often asked in these times is “How much does God love me?” God’s Word helps me see that He loves me more than I could ever imagine.

Here I Am, Send Me!

Isaiah 6:8 paints a picture of Jesus volunteering to lay down His life for the sins of the world. When the plan of salvation was designed Jesus stepped forward and said “Here I am send me”.

Is America Finished?

Over the last half of the 20th century America has moved further and further from the will of God. As a result our nation is slipping into moral decay at lightning speed. Is America finished or can she still be saved?

What’s the Devil Doing in Egypt?

The Devil seems to be quickly advancing his plan to terrorize, and ultimately silence Christians in Egypt and the world. September 11th, 2012 the US Embassy in Libya was stormed by ravenous protesters who were supposedly enraged by an inflammatory film about their prophet Muhammad. What is the Devil really doing in Egypt?

The Call and Ministry of Saul of Tarsus

How was the call of Saul of Tarsus like the call of the other eleven? Saul did not receive his call from men. As the “twelve” were handpicked, so was Saul, through a direct message from Jesus Christ on the road to Damascus.

Christopher Hitchens: A Life Without God

Christopher Hitchens was a celebrated intellectual and atheist author. Christopher did not believe God exists, however did his very actions proclaim that God lives?

The Judgment Seat Of Christ

Just as there is more than one resurrection, so also is there more than one judgment. Because Adam sinned, all must die. Because Jesus rose, all must rise to judgment. God has appointed his son Jesus Christ to be the judge of all Earth.

Jesus Wept – Why?

When Jesus seen Lazarus family mourning their loved ones death the bible says “He wept”. If Jesus knew he was about to raise Lazarus from the dead then why did he cry?

Jesus’s View From the Cross

From the cross Jesus witnessed many things. The mocking of the Pharisee’s, robbers on the cross and the passers by. More than anything He seen the ones he loved and had come to dye for.

Jesus Looked Straight at Peter

A look into a pivotal moment in the development of Saint Peters faith. A faith in Jesus Christ that would embolden him to embrace his own martyrdom for the faith.

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