Why Your New Church-Plant Fails???

Vibrational Levels of Life and Consciousness

In olden days (even now) Rishis and Yogis of India had spiritual powers. They developed such powers through spiritual practices.

What is Christian Peace?

The peace from above is a gift to all who put their trust in the Lord. It is not the kind the world wants to achieve at the destruction or detriment of others. Or a conditional peace from individual to one another.

The Lost Souls of the World

I know how Jesus felt, being broken hearted over people who are lost. I feel the same way. My heart hurts for the lost souls of this world and sometimes I want to climb a mountain and scream the gospel to others. I want them to be saved. I want them to get it but I know that to unbelievers the gospel is foolishness to them and therefore, they stand condemned before the Lord.

Isn’t it Time to Live on Purpose?

God put you here for a purpose. He has a plan that is just for you. No one else can fulfill the destiny he has laid out for you. You have to know what your God-given plan is so that you can feel more passionate, alive, and free.

Seed Faith Doctrine – Exposing a False Christian Doctrine

The Seed Faith Doctrine claims God will bless you with a 30, 60 or 100-fold increase when you “sow seeds” into the churches/ministries that preach this doctrine? Is this true?

Every Man’s Battle Workshop – Evaluation Reviews

Every Man’s Battle Weekend Review By Justin At the beginning of the weekend I felt nervous and apprehensive. I was excited to learn the tools that would solve my problem. What I learned was that the perfect tool was inside me all along – Jesus Christ.

Jesus Through Historicity and Science

Accounts of the birth, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ (c. 5 BC-AD 33), described in biblical prophesy (written between 1450-430 BC), the synoptic gospels (Luke, Matthew and Mark, written between AD 50-90), the Gospel of John (written c. post AD-90), Epistles of Paul of Tarsus (AD 5-67) (written between AD 50-60), and the Dead Sea Scrolls (written c. 335-100 BC), to name a few, have been the subject of historical and scientific intrigue for centuries. Since the so-called “Age of Enlightenment” (18th century) when skeptics began to question if Jesus had in fact even existed, historicity (based on archaeology and history) and science (based on biology, chemistry, and physics) have become more essential than ever to substantiate textual sources (e.g. sacred scripts, Gnostic writings).

God’s Voice and Conscience

How will I know it is God’s voice and not my conscience? This is an interesting question to me because I was raised to believe that one’s conscience had to be trained by God and one of the ways God spoke was through the conscience.

The Christian ABCs – For Children From One to One Hundred and One

Every family member remembers reciting the ABC’s…but this poem from a Christian perspective tells a story for children of all ages from one to one-hundred-one. I wrote the ABC’s to help my grandchildren learn about Christ. I’m not a great poet, but I realize the first five years of a child’s life are the most formative years.

Praying at a Sikh Gurudwara (Temple)

A Gurudwara is the holy temple of the Sikhs. But unlike Hindu temples and Christian churches a Gurudwara has no image of any guru or saint. There are also no statues or icons inside.

Principles of the Doctrine of Christ – Resurrection of the Dead

Nothing stirs the heart of a Christian more than the Resurrection of the Dead. It is the resurrection that gives the Christian hope in the midst of trials and tribulations, joy in the midst of sadness, and peace in the midst of conflict.

Principles of the Doctrine of Christ – Laying on of Hands – Call to Service

Probably the most misunderstood principle of the Doctrine of Christ is the doctrine of “Laying on of Hands.” Primarily the doctrine of laying on of hands is the call of every believer into the service of Christ. The call to service is given to every believer by Jesus himself.

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