Why Your New Church-Plant Fails???

Silence – An Islamic Perspective

“Silence is gold” we say. In Islam silence is more than gold. There is a well known saying of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) on the value of keeping silent.

Does God Like the US Dollar?

For many of us and our recent ancestors, having US dollars in the bank represented that home base. From a very short term point of view – it still should do that for us.

Incredible Rare Bible Verses – Could God Have Made a Mistake?

If God wrote the Bible or inspired the Bible, could God be responsible for making any mistakes that need to be corrected inside of the Bible? If I was the most intelligent entity ever (God) and had the ability to create something out of nothing like our planet, I should be able to write a flawless instruction manual like the Bible.

Buddha Statue – Ultimate Symbol of Divinity

Looking at a Buddha statue is like looking into the very face of divinity. The aura generated around each piece – figurine, statue or impression, is created to spread an awareness of the divinity within each one of us.

The Holy Spirit

When Jesus Christ was ready to go, he told his apostles that He will send them a comforter John 16.7. Jesus said that this comforter is the Holy Spirit and He will teach and remind the apostles everything Jesus taught them through His ministry here on earth. He said that everyone who believes in Jesus will be given the Holy Spirit so that He would dwell in the believer whether Jew or Gentile.

5 Tips About Money For Women Who Want to Be Spiritual Leaders and Run Successful Ministries

Being women, we usually think about and handle money differently than men do. Men seem to have an easier time asking for what they think they’re worth. This likely is driven by a man’s need to provide and to ‘accumulate’. Women, on the other hand, have a need for security, their family, their home, and their community. Historically, women also have not been the ‘breadwinners’.

Christian Business Opportunities All Over – Your Full Potential

I will show you Christian Business Opportunities are all over the place if you open your eyes in this article. “And Moses said unto the children of Israel, See, the LORD hath called by name Bezaleel the son of Uri, the son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah; And he hath filled him with the spirit of God, in wisdom, in understanding, and in knowledge, and in all manner of workmanship…” (Ex. 35:30-35)

God Hardens Some Hearts and Others Brains

I really don’t know why some people will take the time to do scientific and academic research about a topic like religion, while others won’t. The only thing I can think of is that God has hardened their brains somehow. Remember, we can always blame stuff like this on the devil, demons or some other evil force, to protect the creator.

Coming Out of Egypt (Conclusion)

It was indeed a glorious moment as the children of Israel left Egypt that night. With their women, young ones and cattle they hurriedly left.

Caged Foxes, Blinded Hawks, Parked Cars

Over by our church up in Northern Illinois, there’s a nature preserve with a little museum and a series of outdoor cages. Sitting in my car, waxing philosophical, I almost could see some church members around me.

Gold and Religion

In all the recorded history of mankind gold holds a high position. It is found in economy as a carrier of value, in art as a symbol of grandeur and in social interactions as a sign of high status. Religions across the globe reinforce this key place for gold, using it either literally – in contexts linked with divinity – or metaphorically, as mark of purity.

Shavuot – The Feast of Weeks

Shavuot (lit. weeks), one of Judaism’s three pilgrimage festivals (along with Passover and Sukkot), marks the giving of the Torah (the Five Books of Moses) on Mt. Sinai. The holiday is celebrated exactly seven weeks after the first day of Passover, which marks the Exodus itself.

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