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Is the Virgin Mary Truly Mother of God?

Is the Virgin Mary truly the mother of the almighty, powerful God? Many non-Catholics question the Catholic teaching on Mary as Mother of God by citing the old argument of Nestorius, the heretic condemned by the Council of Ephesus in 431.

2010 – A Year of Harvest

This is our year of harvest! Harvest is act of gathering in of grains and other food crops. It is reaping from what you have sown.

Prayers – What is the Point, It Never Gets Answered!

We all come across problems in our lives. Matt 13 v 11…the Holy Spirit guides us into understanding what the kingdom of God is all about, because there is no way we can get anywhere with God without His Spirit. That includes getting out from under our problems. Therefore to get answers you need to have faith and the Holy Spirit. A lot of the problems we encounter we bring them upon ourselves directly or indirectly, and of course what we do, is most of the time done in ignorance. The enemy takes advantage of that fact…

Is Peace and This Degree and Quality of Peace Not So Greatly Needed Across This Torn World?

It was such a privilege to be allowed into someone’s personal spiritual life on this occasion. Over these past twenty five years this has become an area of joyous study and having been in Jerusalem on that day called Yom Kippur it has become even more meaningful to me. I now appreciate more and more the background to these twenty five hours, and yes it is is twenty five hours because that is how long most Israelis celebrate and mark the day.

Jesus and Nazareth – Has His Hometown Finally Been Discovered?

Did the town of Nazareth, in the Holy Land, actually exist during the 1st century? Some have claimed the biblical account is mere legend and that Nazareth didn’t actually come into being until long after the death of Jesus Christ. In fact, others have even suggested that Jesus was not a real person, only a myth. But now a recent archaeological discovery provides evidence to the contrary.

Weekly Bible Study Devotions

There are many devotions and bible studies on the Internet, so why should there be one more? The Word of God is so full of truth that it is impossible to exhaust it. The Word of God needs to be proclaimed more than ever.

Christian Fun – Did You Know There Was Such a Thing?

This article discusses the idea of Christian fun. Among the issues discussed are how somethings are not declared wrong or sinful by God, while others are simply sin for us because of our conscious. However, some things are absolutely sinful and should be avoided.

Tehilim – The Psalms

The Psalms, written by King David, is the most famous book of prayers. It contains prayers of petition, prayers of thanks and prayers of longing to God, which are mostly based on true emotional and physical events from King David’s life.

Who Said Science Was Objective? And Do the Toys Really Talk on Christmas Eve?

This discussion deals with some of the assumptions and beliefs of science and in particular, the naturalistic beliefs of Richard Dawkins. Some of his assumptions are reviewed in light of the idea of the final paradox, that if there were no final meaning to the universe, of which we are a part, then we would have never found out. But the rational presence of the universal negative suggests, at least, that there is final meaning. I suggest that the content of this final meaning is beyond the remit of science.

Last Day Christian Church Worship of Jesus

In the last days, John in the spirit goes into heaven, and sees four Seraphims, Angels and 24 immortal Elders of Israel And Apostles of the Christian Church worshipping Jesus of Nazareth who is sitting on the magnified throne of God. From this view point John sees signs of the last days, the end time, end of time, the last days, and all things, which shall shortly come to pass. The signs of the last days are fear-inspiring.

Pavel Florenskij

“The essence of the genial perception of the world is the ability to penetrate into the depths of things, while the essence of illusory perception is to hide ourselves the reality.” (“Do not forget me – P. Florenskij Letters”) Pavel Florenskij was one of the most genial and prolific Russian writers and philosophers.

Christian Salvation – Do You Have Christian Salvation Or Simply Good Religion?

This article discusses Christian salvation. There is a discussion of God’s love, humanity’s sin, Jesus’ death payment, and the need for humanity to accept Jesus as savior by faith.

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