What Is Christianity?


What Is Christianity?

It is true that the apostles did not perform any miracles, like feeding the 5,000 or walking on water. Instead, they were given the power to heal people, cast out demons and raise the dead, which were all intended to show that they were the apostles of God. Those who claimed to speak for God, however, had to be authentic. So what exactly is christianity? What is it, and how is it different from other religions?

It’s a mistake to think that the apostles preach about all the aspects of Christian faith. Christianity is about extending the Kingdom of God to the nations and teaching it to others. Yet, this is a difficult task. It takes wisdom, patience and consecration to live by the principles of Jesus Christ. The apostles are called to teach others obedience to Christ. One of the hidden commands of Christianity is to give all of ourselves to Jesus. This means daily following His word, listening to and obeying the voice of God and sharing the message of Jesus to the nations.

Another example of Jesus’ ministry to the sick is the parable of the blind man. In John 9:11, Jesus cured a blind man and raised a dead woman from the dead. While we cannot see Jesus’ physical healing, we can understand the importance of healing the sick and restoring their worth. By touching them, Jesus shows that He recognizes their importance. If you can touch them, they’ll feel better, too.

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