Woman held at GUNPOINT shares the Gospel!

A Sky That Shoots to Kill

Is belief in God required for one to find real meaning in life? I think not. Here is an atheist’s answer to the question.

Success Through Speaking God’s Words

You have to understand that God’s word is as powerful as God. God is His word. God works by His word, the word of God is the work of God. Things and brings were created by the word of God. Genesis Chapter one is full of “And God said, let there be and there was”. All things in the universe respond to words, especially the WORDS of GOD. God’s WORD are timeless, they are the truth, they work two thousand years ago, they will work ten thousand years to come. God’s Words can not be out of date or out of fashion. The Word is universal, it works in Africa as powerfully as it does in South America. It produces the same result anytime, anywhere it is used by people with faith.

Success Through The Fear of God

The Bible says in Pro. 1: 7 “that the fear of Lord is the beginning of Knowledge but fools despise wisdom and instructions”. Success in life begins with Knowledge. Your level of success in any enterprise is a function of the depth of Knowledge you have in that endeavor. You will shine brightly as success in any endeavor you have sufficient knowledge to make you excel.

The Prayer That Breaks Every Barrier

There is a prayer known only to the Christian community as one; when prayed is perfect and complete. It is the unknown tongue and it is another language that comes out of our mouth that only God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit understand when it is prayed.

If You Were to Die This Very Second Do You Know for Sure That You Would Go to Heaven

Do you know that God loves you, and He has a special plan for your life? I have a real important question to ask you. If you were to die this very second do you know for sure that you would go to heaven?

God Created Man

And God created Man in his image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. A man ought not to cover his head, since he is the image and glory of God; but the woman is the glory of man.

A Gnat And A Camel, Really?

Let me set this article up first by saying that this subject is a serious matter and is aimed at me and you, my brothers and sisters in Christ. Don’t worry though, this is not finger pointing time, but to put us in awareness of how we come across to others by our actions and attitudes.

Why Faith’s for Everyone

A lady said, “I do not have faith; I just don’t ‘believe’.” Wrong, everyone has faith. Everyone expresses faith. We cannot live life without faith. Let me go ahead and demonstrate the necessity of faith.

The Contents of the Cloud

What is the definition of a cloud? It seems to be changing, but the oldest definition still has the greatest significance.

Faith Through The Problem

A growing number of believers are convinced that Faith assures them that the problems of life can be avoided. Some Christians believe that when a difficulty arises all they need is to display faith.

Climbing The Mountain of Grace

I cannot tell you how great an understanding of true grace can increase and multiply our joy and faith. What seemed like an impossibility in the past, now became an exciting opportunity to see the glory of His grace enter into our lives to make the impossible an easy task for His grace to overcome.

Faith And Assurance Of Salvation

Large numbers of people struggle with assurance of salvation and often wonder whether they have true, saving faith or are just relying, for instance, on beliefs they have sincerely held since childhood. This article aims to shed some light on this challenging subject.

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