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Miracles and Christian Faith


Miracles and Christian Faith

Christians are taught to believe in God and to have faith in Him. They do this by being committed to the Lord. The apostles were not given the power to do miracles, such as feeding the 5,000 or walking on water. In fact, their only powers were to heal the sick and raise the dead. These miracles merely served to show that they were the true messengers of God. But there were many people who claimed to speak on behalf of Him, so how can we be sure who we are hearing from?

Many people have been exposed to enough Christianity to be inoculated against it. Many people have been influenced by anti-Christian propaganda in the media and in intellectual circles. Such individuals are much harder to reach than people who have never heard of Christ. The problem is that we must make ourselves aware of the many contradictions in Christianity. By understanding and challenging the nature of Christianity, we can more clearly understand what it means to believe. This will help us understand why God is the source of our hope.

Christian miracles are commonplace in African communities. Millions of people in Africa claim to have experienced some sort of miracle. A two-volume work titled Miracles describes such experiences in detail. These accounts are a huge part of the Christian experience in Africa. The book Miracles in Africa: The Power of God in African Society explains why Christians have such a strong faith in God. It also explains why we should believe in miracles in the context of our faith.

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