Woman WALKS For The First Time Without Assistance In Years!

Sickness Is Punishment From God?

These last few days have been hell… or so my frail body led me to believe. I don’t remember a time when I was more sick, had a higher fever, or committed my soul over to the Lord more times.

Can Love Really Heal?

Doctors do not heal. Only your body can do the healing. Doctors can help the body do that. But can we tap into a greater source for healing of the body, the mind and or the heart? See what God has to say.

Living By Vision of Eternity

Every answer to the problems that perplex us in this world can be facilitated by a renewed vision of life in eternity. By looking over the horizon of this life – whilst we are in the grip of our dear and desperate problems – we retrieve peace beyond what our situations often allow. This is the exercise of faith: to look beyond the imminence of fear in order to see cause for fearlessness by the peace available in the Spirit.

This House We Live In!

When a child is conceived in the womb of a woman, there is a spiritual act which takes place together with conception; God creates a soul to inhabit the house which begins to take shape in the womb.Now, conception is the creation of a life, a soul which God conceives.

Terrorism, the True Face

When I was in Air Force Intelligence we heard the sordid news that the CIA director in Beirut in 1985 was kidnapped, taken to Iran and beheaded. There was no trial, nothing, just a barbaric act. This is terrorism and is defined as illegal use of force to overawe the civilian population to make it do or not do an act against its will and well-being.

The Open Courage of Vulnerability

How might we know that we trust God in the midst of our relationships? One way we can know is by our courage to share our vulnerabilities with trusted others. When we are prepared to share our weakness, in making ourselves vulnerable, we show our strength; the strength of honest courage to cast upon our relationships the real ‘us’. When we offer our world the real ‘us’, we invite our world to reveal itself in the same vulnerability. Not all our offers are taken up, but invitations to courage are invitations to the abundant life… Vulnerability is one of the biblical paradoxes. By sharing our weakness we show our strength. Strength is derived from trust. And God does not disappoint.

The Conversion Experience

There is much perennial consternation within Christian circles regarding experiences of conversion. There are liberal schools who think God accepts the plainest forms of ecstatic conversion, where altar calls claim, “One more for the Kingdom!” At the other end of the spectrum the conservatives require much more evidence that the transformation of salvation has actually occurred. These people can be very hard to convince, where only the Holy Spirit need be convinced.

Still Too Bad For God?

In a similar-titled article I recently introduced this question, but now I must take it further. There are some pressing issues you may have, and perhaps not everyone who read my first article will be satisfied that their deep concerns were adequately covered. So here are some further issues which I hope will help you.

Get the Fire or Quit the Ministry

The Holy Spirit is the Overseer of the Church. He is the Active Head of the church for Jesus the Head now works through Him. He is at the center of all we need to witness our risen Savior to an unbelieving world. He produces the proofs and evidences the church needs today to be relevant, decisive and dependable. Many have relegated him to a mere doctrine, they deny the Gifts of the Spirit. That is why the ministers of the gospel have become story tellers or at best motivational speakers only. This article is a living testimony that the Holy Spirit and all His nine Gifts are for all that believe today.

When It Comes to Our Christian Walk, Failure Is an Option

Have you ever considered Saul’s failure as God’s chosen king, God’s Anointed? Saul had everything going for him. Despite the advantage of being God’s anointed king, Saul made mistake after mistake. He was arrogant, prideful, and even reckless. God turned his back on Saul, and it was all downhill from there. Can that happen to our Christian walk?

What To Do While We Wait

Waiting for the desires of our hearts isn’t a waste of time. We can be busy clarifying our desires and working faithfully toward the fulfilment of them. Waiting contributes a large part of the reward value when we are blessed as we look back – God is faithful.

The Social Justice In Action

Social justice is truly a verb, not a noun: it’s something we do. At’s action-oriented. Where God’s Spirit leads us to make a difference we are blessed to obey. We are blessed, also, when we don’t let the devil make us feel guilty for the things we can’t or don’t do.

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