WOMEN dies and goes to HELL – This is what SHE saw

God’s Presence In Adversity and Affliction

Our Teacher will get us through our bread of adversity and water of affliction. And though life can appear defeating at times, God stands there to remind us – “I AM WITH YOU, TO THE VERY END OF THE AGE!” No matter where we go or what we do, God, our Teacher, is eternally present.

Spiritual Deprivation and Our Children

A powerful piece by an advocate, activist and spiritual leader who is left pondering if America’s lack of spiritualism has played a role in its children’s behavioral decline. She was moved and inspired to write after personally witnessing an incident involving six youths in a western city leaving her and her mother in a dilemma. While the writer poses a serious problem, she also delivers an extremely powerful and quick solution for parents, guardians and community leaders.

Universalism, 6 – Jesus and Universalism (4)

Can anyone pay the price for sin once they have rejected the price that God paid? Can any amount equal the dearness of the eternal Son of God?

Spiritual Pride

One of the signs of true spiritual maturity is a decrease of yourself to the point of preferring others before yourself. Christian irresponsibility has led to many stumbling blocks to potential and new believers.

Honor Among Olympic Athlete

The question was simple; the answer was huge. Olympic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglass was asked if winning an Olympic Gold medal was everything she thought it was. The 16 year old Douglass answered in part by giving God all the credit for her success.

Olympic Prizes: Gold, Silver and Bronze

An interesting fact has been discovered about Olympic medal winners. Their reactions may surprise you.

Universalism, 5 – Jesus and Universalism? (3)

Unforgiven, condemned, progressively worse In our search for the universalist’s theories in the words of Jesus, we will once more come up short as we examine Matthew 12. Bleak is the word for the future of the godless. Matthew 12:31-32.

Women Pastors?

The question is not whether women should have an active part in the church, but rather, should women fill the pulpit as Pastors? Women have saved many local churches from extinction by their participation in teaching roles, but does that qualify them for assuming a Pastoral role?

For the Destruction of Their Flesh

This article describes what may well be the weakest link in the armor of the Army of God. It explains why we are so big and yet so weak. Why aren’t we turning the world upside down? This may be one of the main reasons.

Learning to See God’s Reality

What is a multi-dimensional vision in Isaiah is a thing that works for us when we resolve to implement it. Having faith that God will save us enlarges our perception. This is the phenomenon of seeing bigger; to see more as God sees.

Wisdom From the Lord

Wisdom in life is something everyone desires, but as a Christian our goal should be wisdom given us by the Lord. Receiving that wisdom partially comes from reading our Bible, but that is only part of the equation. You can read and study the Bible, but true understanding is a gift from God. So to move down the path of Christian maturity and gain the wisdom of the Lord, it takes prayer.

The Church and Divorce

The Bible must be the ruling authority of the subject of Divorce. What is God’s responsibility to those that pursue an unholy wedlock? Are the unsaved to be governed by God’s Word?

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