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What is Christianity?


What is Christianity?

The question, then, is what is Christianity? What is the difference between Christianity and paganism? It is not that one is more Christian than the other; it is that one shares a common spiritual heritage and practices common to both. Christian belief is an active commitment. Putting on the whole armor of God is a process of de-subjectivation and re-subjectivation, which can take the form of intense physical and mental work that results in the formation of a militant Christian subject.

Christianity was born out of an African religion. In the early days of Christianity, many Africans abandoned it in favor of idolatry. This, in turn, caused many Africans to adopt Christianity. Since idolatry is an universal sin, it is no wonder that many Nigerians were initially hesitant to embrace Christianity. But later on, after their mid-1970s conversion, Olukoya defended Christianity by describing Christianity as the original African religion, which was abandoned in favor of idolatry.

While Christian apologetics has always emphasized the power of faith, evangelicalism has also taken a step further. Charismatic wing leaders like C. Peter Wagner and John Wimber have forged loose associations with conservative Christian groups. The latter has also influenced the charismatic “third wave” movement. The charismatic third wave was largely funded by a core group of evangelicals, and crossed denominational lines and bitter divisions to gain ground on the spiritual battlefield.

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