WOW! JUST GOT ANOTHER CHECK! Another Prophetic Word Coming True

Want to Go Far With Prophecy and the Prophetic – Well Kill Yourself on a Cross

So many people want the power of God to do miracles, heal the sick and speak to thousands and yet they will not bend over and give two dollars to a homeless person and look after a sick person in their church. So many people want to shake the nations and yet when some preacher comes to their church and calls them to repent and shakes up their theology they reject him and his message.

Build Your Faith – A Christian Message

Ponder on the issue of faith. It is no matter to be treated with levity. Let it be abundantly clear to you that Jesus loves us. But more pressing, in order to tap into Jesus’ love for you as a Christian, there is the requirement for you to possess an undying faith in Him.

How Easter Redefines the Impossible

Think you know the meaning behind Jesus’ talk about a camel and a needle? Realize why making it impossible to enter the Kingdom of God was one of the most freeing and grace filled moments of the gospels. Leave self effort behind and simply walk by faith by trusting in the one who died for you and me.

The Christian Prophecy

By prophecy is meant the power to tell what will happen in times to come. In Christianity, prophecy refers to the ability to hear audibly from God through the inner voice, a message which ‘is thought to be divinely inspired information.’

John Bevere – One Incredible Man of God

The first time I met John Bevere was at a partner’s Breakfast in Colorado Springs for the taping of his latest curriculum Extraordinary. There were about 15 messenger international partners at the Extraordinary taping and we were all blown away as each of us were given the opportunity to share what John Bevere’s Ministry has meant to our lives, personally and spiritually. It was an incredible experience to listen as each partner one after another shared their remarkable testimonies on how God was using John Bevere’s Ministry to transform the Kingdom of God.

Tongues – Part 1

The closing of the Canon did not stop any tongues. Rather, the Protestant Reformation began the greatest expansion of Christianity the world had ever seen. Tongues began to flicker for God all over the world, and they still are. Indeed, tongues did not cease with the closing of the Canon, but rather they began in earnest as the Bible was translated into every known tongue and exported to every known people.

A Personal Relationship With God

There are lots of things in everyone’s lives that fall into the category of important. What is the most important thing to you in your life? Is it your spouse or your children? Some might say it is their job. Some would admit that God is most important in their life.

The Covenant Church – The Importance of Its Covenant

The Lord made a covenant with the “church in the wilderness” which impacts the lives of all His covenanted people. In The Book of Deuteronomy chapter ten, the Lord God requires four things from Moses. The fulfillment of these requirements will have fundamental effects on both “the church in the wilderness” and the contemporary church.

What You Need to Do When Life Just Gets Too Tough For You

Are you in a place where the tears will not stop and life has beaten you down. Are you in a place where people’s “cheer up” do not even touch you pain and you need something to add to your anti depressant tablets and you are sick of words words words and want answers. You might want to try what got me though four years of suffering.

Being Ready Matters to Christians

As a Christian, if you are asked, “Are you ready?” How will you respond to the seeming harmless question? Chances are that you get confused because being ready would appear to be a private matter, particularly with regard to religious issues.

Being Dead in Christ – A Spiritual Reality

Here is another revelation of the Bible concerning Christ’s believers that is capable of revolutionizing their lives but has not been able to do so to many. And this is because of the difficulty they find in believing and accepting it. The truth or infallible word of God reveals that when a person repents of his/her sins and trusts in Christ’s death or sacrifice on the cross for the remission of sins, thereby being forgiven and granted salvation from the consequences of sin, the person is considered by God or in God’s sight to have died with Christ…

Reviving the 1st Century Church in Ministry – A Breath of Fresh Air

In an age of stagnant churches, it is time for a breath of fresh air. It is time for ministries and churches to return to functioning along the lines of the 1st century church, where as our primary focus is to glorify the name of JESUS and not ourselves.

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