Wow Look What God Just Did! He Took Them Out For Me

Celebrating Freedom More and Enjoying It Less? Liberty for Jews, Christians in the Face of Bondage

The Bible projects a huge crisis and time of trouble for the end-times. As economies and governments crumble world-wide, we could be peering over edge at the Apocalypse. Openness to biblical information could be as life-saving for us as to millions in history.

The Genius of Genesis Part 1 – In the Beginning

GENESIS 1:1 In the beginning God created the heaven(s) and the earth. Comment 1: In the beginning The issue that divides young-earth and old-earth or gap theory Christians begins here. When was ‘the beginning’?

Don’t Be Afraid of Change

The hardest calling in life is to surrender all and follow the leading of God to a life of fulfillment. The journey might be long, but what you find at the end will be worth it all.

The Justice System

Like many people, we had a terrible experience with an insurance company. We had to ask for professional help.

The Work of the Vinedresser

In John 15, Jesus described the work of the Vinedresser. As branches abiding in the Vine, we need cleaning and pruning.

Grace And Gratitude – Part II

Many of us have learned to give thanks when the Lord brings great blessings into our lives, and some have learned to be grateful even for the smallest crust of bread. Even so, there is yet another degree of gratefulness that causes the grace of God to flow in our life with unceasing power. That is when we have learned to boast in our difficulties, insults, sufferings, and persecutions. Did you know the word “gratitude” has at its root in the word “grace.” Grace and gratitude are twin sisters that adorn the true Christian with the glory of God.

Israel on the Verge of Holocaust II the Apocalypse

Is Israel on the verge of Holocaust II the Apocalypse? In March, 2013 Russia elected Vladimir Putin President again. Vladimir Putin campaigned on an anti American platform and a trillion dollar boost to the Russian military.

Pope Francis’ Rhythm Demands a Cipher

The absence of the Pope at the Beethoven concert organized to honor him was unfashionable, it violates the papal custom catching the well-mannered cardinals totally unawares. There are speculators are already taking bets that these shockers by the Pope are not accidental, and that they probably follow a script. Every month, the Pope picks up a new pin: Francis the foot-washer, Friend of the poor, Francis the Exorcist, Francis the Evangelist, Francis the unpredictable, and others like these. The trend deserves a study to protect us from misinterpreting his surprise swings in the future.

Sexual Immorality in the Church Today

Twenty five years ago millions of viewers tuned in from around the world as Pastor Jimmy Swaggert looked up with teary eyes in to heaven and lamenting, “I have sinned against you my Lord.” This one bombshell confession shook the Assembly’s of God Ministries, and forever changing the image of televangelism. Like so many before and after him, he disgraced the church as head of one of the largest Christian ministries in the world.

Types of Hajj

Hajj is among the five basic pillars of Islam. It is compulsory for every financially and physically able Muslim to perform Hajj at least once in a lifetime. This article intends to explain the main types of Hajj and the differences between them.

Christianity Is Rooted In Unity – One Spirit

The concept of the Holy Spirit is a challenge even for seasoned and avowed Christians. It is important for one to validate the testimonies recounting its activities before one commits his/her hope for eternal life on this ghost. The Holy Ghost is the supernatural that executes these physical changes on behalf of God In order to please God, and keep the bond of peace in their communities, men need this same Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the true guide to the wishes of the Father as we struggle in our communal efforts to keep the church united.

False Christian Expectations from Matthew 24

Human nature tends to believe what it wants to believe, especially in regard to the Bible and what we may not see clearly. A broader view of end-time events could spare us from being unprepared. After building to the climax of His 2nd coming with power and glory in the middle of the chapter, Christ then warns of several events that could catch us by surprise.

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