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Becoming Ecumenical!

But adaptation and trend shifting does not come without a price. Our Lord Jesus Christ left us a legacy which was tossed aside for many centuries, and which all of a sudden we found use for, as a matter of convenience rather than conviction. Doing God’s work for the wrong reason equate to not doing it at all.

How to Obtain Forgiveness For Your Sins

It is an obvious and indisputable fact that we have all sinned against God and need to be forgiven in order to be able to fellowship with him and also enjoy the privilege of heaven. However, there are steps we must take in order to get God’s forgiveness.

What Are the Sources of Faith?

Faith is one of the resources we need for our daily living as children of God; it enables us to please God, obtain salvation, get answers to our prayers, trust God, receive healings, etc. Every believer needs it in order to live a successful Christian life. Where do we get faith from?

What Kind of Person Works For a Christian Ministry?

The act of giving is one of the most valuable ways to have a ministry as a Christian. As Jesus taught His followers, by giving you are spreading God’s message and the good news that He loves all on earth.

The Son of God

“I will declare the decree: the LORD hath said unto me, Thou art my Son; this day have I begotten thee.” “I will declare”; To make known; to tell explicitly; to manifest or communicate plainly to others by words. In theology, predetermined purpose of God; the purpose or determination of an immutable Being, whose plan of operations is, like himself, unchangeable.

Coming Out of Egypt (5)

“Now the LORD gave the following instructions to Moses and Aaron while they were still in the land of Egypt: ‘From now on, this month will be the first month of the year for you… On that night I will pass through the land of Egypt and kill all the firstborn sons and firstborn male animals in Egypt.

God is Not a Man

Some people like to worship a man because they can more easily identify with someone they can visualize. But God is awesome! And He is Spirit.

Leprosy of the Soul – The Greatest Disease Known to Man

There is a disease so heinous it affects every man, woman, and child. It is called the Leprosy of the Soul. This disease affects the way people think, act, and how they walk.

Is There a True Atheist?

People desire to be different and unique. Uniqueness comes in different shapes, designs and packages. Jesus desired to sell the idea of the reality of the heavenly kingdom and he talked a lot about it. He was bombarded with many and difficult questions. He responded accordingly. When he answered the one of, “Render… to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s” in Matthew 22:21, it became an astonishing response even until now.

I Never Knew You

There are many end time deceivers in the church today. There are those that profess the knowledge of the truth but deny the power of God to judge them by their works. The Bible is complete and without fault, but there are those that desire to change the truth into a lie.

Why Does Anything Exist at All?

Why does anything exist? Learn from the drug addicted career of BJ Thomas and how everything can change in a moment of surrender; a quote that will truly bring much into perspective in the spiritual life; the Bible’s answer for why we are here; how many people are born each day and what it all means; and a promise that you can trust no matter where you are.

An Introduction to Daoist Philosophy and Religion

Daoism is an organized religion native to China. It’s known as both Taoism and Daoism. However, the pinyin style of translating Chinese is the official standard now so all future publications spell it as Daoism.

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