WW3!? Nuclear War!? Is the WORLD about to END!?

The Importance of Christian Chat

Why is Christian chat important? Many people find that when they begin to chat with people who have the same outlook on life, family, friendship and religion, that they are truly able to form a deeper connection with that person. Many people have found themselves lucky enough to have formed long lasting friendships that they have not have found elsewhere.

How to Alter Common Misconceptions About Islam

One of the reasons why people are still confused about Islam is that there are still lots of things to be done to alter common misconceptions. Here are some ways, which can help alter common misconceptions about Islam.

Forbidding Priests, Bishops and Popes to Marry – No Biblical Foundation!

I began studying the Hebrew language 10 years ago: part of a research program to discern if unfamiliarity with Hebrew religious customs or mistranslations of original Hebrew texts sowed seeds of division in Christendom. When I began to compare the teachings of the early Hebrew Christian followers of Jeshua to those of the Gentile-adopted brands, I found many differences. Martin Luther found 99 errant teachings and dared to publish them. When he finally did, the “Church of Rome” excommunicated him.

No More Tears

Do you miss out on life? Does emotion deter you from reaching your potential? Does emotion keep you from doing the things you should?

A Simple Counsel – Look For the Blessing

A tried and tested spiritual exercise practiced by many Christians is to begin each new day with the words of the Psalmist, “This is the day that the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it”. Regardless of the weather, the world circumstances, or any condition we may possibly be experiencing, the discipline of repeating those words provides energy and creates an optimistic attitude.

Reflections on the Christ

If Jesus walked the earth today, he would be described as a weird carpenter’s son who ‘woke up’ one morning and told the world, ‘Hey guys, I am God!’ Months later, he does a marathon on water, changes bowls of water to Chrystal champagne at a friend’s wedding, hangs out with a bunch of randomly selected guys he picked from everywhere and anywhere and has a crazy charisma that drew people to him – though like Jean Wycleff (musician) said, ‘everyman’s got disciples’.

Love For the Body of Christ – A Right Spiritual Attitude

The family, like the Church, is given as a place to mold and remold lives. Cain and Abel were born in a family where they could grow together as examples to other people. But Cain had a choice of his own to set up a negative example in his dealings with his brother, who, in contrast to his, enjoyed God’s favour. Whatever his achievement was, his action went a long way to teach us that hatred is, in God’s sight, just as reprehensible as SIN. God made it clear that whosoever kills his brother is a murderer. When, as a result of disobedience to laid-down rules in those early days, brutality increased and the earth was filled with violence.

Choosing Jesus!

Last night I took the time to watch a movie called Six, an interesting depiction of the Last days and the mark of the beast. And although the whole movie was quite interesting and very well made, the one thing which truly impacted me and which I have not been able to stop thinking about is the choice that the many that were captured had to make within a short period of time. These prisoners had thirty days through which they were subjected to torture, psychological trauma, and all possible persuasion to force them to choose to receive the mark…

Obedience to Jesus Christ – A Right Spiritual Attitude

Obedience is one of the greatest expectations of a Christian. When teaching adults, Jesus talked about obedience and the need for childlike faith. The word childlike is used to show us the level of commitment that is expected of us.

Respect to God – The Right Spiritual Attitude

There is almost universal agreement that we should have respect, honour, reverence and adoration for God. We were told that in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. He did not only stop in creating him but He commanded the man He created to have dominion. Having dominion is to have control over our immediate environment. We are to be faithful to God and His commandments and not allowing anything to change our stand before God.

Shofars – All About These Instruments

The Yemenite Shofar is a traditional and religious instrument, which is played at all auspicious Jewish religious ceremonies. The sound of the Shofar is very noticeable and you can recognize the notes from a large distance.

Am I Being Punished by God?

I have heard that question being ask over and over when some type of disaster takes place in someone’s life. I am sure you have probably heard it too. Maybe the very first thing you might need to realize is that if God is punishing you, there should not be any doubt in your mind whatsoever that it is God doing it.

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