YOU ARE MADE TO OVERCOME! | Prayer with T.B. Joshua

The Bigger Picture of Creation

Christ’s redemptive work brings harmony to his father’s creation. The Jew and gentile are made one in Christ through his blood, the dividing wall has been broken down so that we become one new man. However this speaks of something even greater than Jew / gentile relations. It speaks of harmony within creation, which is Gods temple where he dwells.

Continuous Intimacy With God and God’s Abiding

There is a gift known to humankind that much of humankind has not reckoned upon or redeemed. But with this gift is an irony. To receive this gift we must give something ourselves; we must give ourselves; give ourselves over to God; then to receive the gift of salvation – the free gift, because all gifts should be free, and this gift is totally and majestically free. All that’s required is participation in receipt; for all gifts to be gifts they must be received; that is, to agree we are God’s and always were; to receive our Creator; to agree to relinquish our rebellion agenda; our rebellion against God. This gift is about receiving communion with God.

How Can You Make Sense Of Christ’s Claim To Be The Son Of God

A basic teaching of Christianity is that there is only one God but in three distinct divine persons, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit: each said to be God. Many Christian theologians themselves admit they have found it impossible to come up with a persuasive and rational explanation for three Gods in one. So they call this a mystery. Any lack of understanding in what the churches teach, I suppose, is not necessarily a problem for those of faith. Having said that, I suspect this central dogma is a major obstacle for many other people who won’t believe in something they don’t understand. Here is Swedenborg’s explanation.

The Dark Mountains of the Bible

When called by the Spirit to research the origin of religion it was no surprise to find it emerge from ancient minds who knew nothing of modern discoveries and facts. If God had been responsible for much of what is in the bible, for instance, it would hold up in the light of the evidence now available. But it doesn’t and so one must conclude that man alone is responsible for many of the works that shape the human patterns of thought that are driving us towards extinction,

The Journey of Faith

Many Believers are questing for immediate blessings. We are a generation that seeks instant gratification. We want the blessings and then we will believe. We want the promises before we begin our journey of faith.

Knowing the Times: A Fresh Look at Biblical Concepts

“Work expands to fill the time allotted.” Whether we have a six months or a year for a project, it seems like we somehow get it done. So when the apostle Paul says, “Of the times and seasons, brethren, you have no need that I write, for you know perfectly… ” we might wonder how that is so.

God Vs Science: Or Atheists’ Biggest Mistake

God vs. Science? Really? Before trusting that let’s think a bit first. As logic is my passion, there is one interesting thing I noticed when it comes to discussing the truth: Often when arguing about the truth, people oppose “logical” science with all its discoveries and mind-blowing theories of creation in favor of an “illogical” God, assuming that various beliefs, spiritual scriptures, religious traditions, and God are the same thing.

If You Write It, They Will Know

Going through papers after a loved one has passed away can reveal a lot of information. I have recently made some wonderful discoveries by doing just that.

When Lions Roar

We see a type of this ministry in the book of Revelation as the two prophets stand up to speak for God. The prophetic ministry up to this point has been somewhat young and immature. Yet there are men and women of God who will begin to roar as lions and as the Word of God says, “who shall not be afraid”. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and wisdom is desperately needed in this hour. These prophets will bring a healthy and humble fear of the Lord back to the Church as well as to the enemies of the Lord.

Life’s Most Persistent and Urgent Question

The gospel of Jesus Christ is the gospel of love and, therefore, a gospel about others as much as us. We are saved if we accept Jesus as our Lord, Saviour, and King; yet we do not realise the Kingdom fullness of our salvation unless we comprehend, through our actions, the scope for helping others within our circle of influence.

Pure Motives Are Not Enough

Leaders cannot afford to accept the traditional way of doing things just because it has always been done that way. When a leader does this he entrenches the possible false method even deeper into the hearts of God’s children. Dear one, even if certain methods work for others it does not mean the Lord will necessarily let it work for you. The Lord once told me, “others can, you cannot..”

A Conspiracy of Silence

Horror, disgust, and repugnance were part of every American’s daily diet in the 60’s. We were a nation at war on every front, from within and from without. The disease became a plague and it raced through the land and touched every living person, leaving devastation, depression, and misery in its wake. We were a lost people who had its fill of death and violence; then we grew up, and we forgot; then the silence; and it is, deafening.

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