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Miracle Healing in Christian History


Miracle Healing in Christian History

During the nineteenth century, the Protestant movement gained popularity around the world, and missionaries spread across every continent. Many Protestants reported experiencing a “new birth” and forgiveness of sins. They also believed in the power of the Holy Spirit, and that the infilling of the Holy Spirit gave the believer spiritual freedom from the power of sin and pollution. Others claimed to be healed of diseases and other afflictions.

While this healing practice is not widespread today, it was widespread in Jesus’ time. In fact, some people even left everything to follow him. The healings he performed often sparked the fury of his enemies. In his time, healings were regarded as sacraments. But what exactly does the sacrament of healing actually do?

One of the dominant ways the Holy Spirit empowered Christians is through Pentecost. In this story, the Holy Spirit descended on the apostles, causing “cloven tongues and other tongues” to speak to people of every nation under heaven. In some cases, the apostles began writhing on the floor or lost consciousness. In other instances, the apostles were seized by demons and commanded to fight them.

The charismatic movement also had an influence on the Protestant movement. John Wimber, who founded the Vineyard Movement, helped create the charismatic movement. They were supported by a core group of evangelicals, including Ted Haggard and George Otis. These charismatic movements crossed denominational boundaries and bitter divisions in the Christian faith.

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