“You Are Sleeping With OLD WOMEN…” | SHOCKING PROPHECY!!!

Escape! – One Route Is Sufficient

In our global village terrible events like a large ferry sinking strike us with high emotional impact. But how much more for those directly affected! Almost on a scale of the Titanic, these tragedies bring such heart-breaking loss to so many. But why are people so fascinated by such events – do they force us to think how quickly life can be over? How do we square these with our beliefs? Or do accidents make us doubt the love of God?

The Richness of Christ

What does it mean that one is rich through the poverty of Christ? Does it mean that Christ was a poor man and that everyone must be poor before they become rich? Find out.

Double Standards

There are individuals that believe the outward display of one’s Christian Faith should be limited to environments that are sympathetic to their beliefs. If that is the case should not all those who exhibit a life style that is different from the norm of society follow the same rule?

Gog and Magog Porphecy and Preparation for War Between Them

Old Testament bible prophecies are coming truth and a major war is looming. The two sides are not countries but spirit provoked religious groups who are already attacking and killing each other.

The Slippery Slope Towards All-Out War

It is usual for Christians to teach their children that one sin leads to another; that once we start upon a downward path it is difficult to stop. In the language of the Victorians: ‘Sow a thought, reap an action; sow an action, reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a destiny’.

Why Be Catholic in the 21st Century?

Though this is a question many of us ask on a timely basis we never seem to gather the courage to analyze why we ask ourselves this or why when anyone else mentions the question that we doubt our belief. Just put simply because the question exists or even that others ask it shows that we as Catholics are not living up to the expectations we profess. For one to call himself Catholic fist of all means one is a member of the Catholic Church.

BORN AGAIN – Must We Enter Our Mother’s Womb Again?

Does BORN AGAIN mean entering into our mother’s womb again? NO. Being BORN AGAIN means one changing from the nature of Adam to the Nature of Christ

Christian Thought: Know, Believe, and Do (or Not)

Do you believe what you know, or know what you believe? Christian behavior does not always reflect spiritual truth, but it always reveals what Christians believe. If you live a frustrated faith, read on to find out why.

Do You Believe In a Higher Power?

If you ask people if they believe in a higher power; most everyone says yes, but not me. The other day an online acquaintance asked me this very question. I answered in the negative and defended my assertion and stated; “To your last question, mostly I believe in myself, a self-actualized individual, I believe the mind is the highest power, and without that it wouldn’t matter anyway. And as per Biblical Writings (Philosophy to me) if a God built us in his image.”

Salvation – How to Determine Which Way

Salvation is on every preacher’s lip every time they preach or advertise their programs which makes me ask “what is REALLY salvation; when one can really say he is SAVED? And SAVED from what?”

When Religions Colide

History is so often written when religions collide. Different faiths and the intolerance of others to conform to the practice of a certain faith has erupted into violent bloody conflicts all through-out history. It can be said that the Crusades started not because of a culture clash between Christianity and the Muslim faith but, because of the thirst for more power, influence, control and wealth of the Catholic Church and by the nations of the Islamic faith.

Precious Nails

At one time nails were rare and expensive. Now they are plentiful and cheap. Or are they?

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