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A Beginner’s Guide to Quaker Beliefs

You’ve probably heard of the Quaker religion, but perhaps not the exact nature of Quaker beliefs. Here is a beginner’s guide to understanding some key aspects of Quaker beliefs and practices.

Positive, Negative, Ground

The next time something negative happens, join it with the positive and see the “charge” you will generate. Make sure you are first grounded in the Word of God.

Always Faithful

Why aren’t Christians more like Marines? In this article, the author discusses how we are failing our mission as the body of Christ.

God Was Steering The Fish

Imagine yourself in the sandals of Jonah the rebellious prophet. You’ve recently made some very bad choices and as a result you find yourself in a very miserable situation. In fact, things are so bad that you can’t imagine your circumstances possibly getting any worse and you can’t imagine that there could be a way for them to get any better. What you don’t realize is that all the while God has been steering the great fish!

Is God the Devil?

Many feel the anger of God in the ways of the world. We know that man is killing off the planet and all the beautiful things we admire and love are being eradicated as money and dreams of wealth drive it. The questions start with why?

Speaking in Tongues Is an Open Channel to God

With memory of my reincarnation and guidance from the Spirit to undo the work of 666 the facts about the retribution of God against religions speak for themselves. There is no devil just as heaven and hell are places invented for power and control by the spiritually dead. Now the facts are out there for all to see.

Creating A Culture of Honor That The Lord Can Bless

Honor! What an important word. It means to esteem highly, to respect, to value. The first commandment that carries with it a blessing involves “honor.”

Unimportant and Important Missed Opportunities

I love a bargain. Better still, I love finding something fun or useful free. However, I have sometimes missed the opportunity to get an item because I simply waited too long.

Are You Making God Happy?

Are you making God happy? That’s a silly question… How do you even go about trying to make an invisible being happy? If you’re happy then God must be happy? If you’re making God happy, how can you be happy? Last week we discussed happiness as a condition the body has while in pursuit of this elixir, pumping up our neurotransmitters resulting in a feeling of euphoria. We attain this elixir of happiness as we take possession of our prize. In that swift moment, it’s gone in the twinkling of an eye, called buyer’s remorse. Proverbs 15:15 says “All the days of the afflicted are bad, but a cheerful heart has a continual feast.” It is a state of pleasure or joy, changing with our circumstances. I think that’s why we have cliches like “happy camper,” “a happy accident,” “as happy as a clam,” “happy as a lark,” and “as happy as the day is long,” to name just a few. So can we be happy-go-lucky and make God happy?

Several Patterns in Harmony With Prophetic Scenario

Are events in the Middle East falling into place now more than ever? Will Germany rebuild its military to pick up where America is leaving off? Has Saudi Arabia lost all respect and trust for the United States? How will the coming stock market correction cause instability in the dollar? Is a scenario of Israel controlling Middle East oil possible? Where does all this leave America?

Faithful Christian – A Literal Bible?

I recently wrote about Dispensationalist teaching and how it interprets the Bible ‘literally’. Now, I need to clarify the final authority of God’s word, and share a biblical view of interpreting the various types of language in Scripture, the inspired word of God.

Gold and Silver Pieces, or Coins, in Alma 11 of the Book of Mormon

Mormon missionaries and glib LDS apologists will tell you that the “Book of Mormon” is a non-fictional history of the ancient inhabitants of the Americas, the lineal descendents of a Tribe of Israel, and the word of God. They will tell you this, but, on reading and closely analyzing it, the reasonable person will discover that it is just the opposite, a badly written work of fiction. Many anachronisms in the “Book of Mormon” have been noted, and documented, by the leading 19th and 20th Century archaeologists, anthropologists, and historians as blatant evidence of the fictional and mythical nature of the book, which was written in 1830 by Joseph Smith. One of the most controversial anachronisms in the book is the use of gold and silver pieces, or coins, by the Nephites, one of the fictional groups of people mentioned in the “Book of Mormon.” You see, the use of coins by the Native Americans has been historically, archaeologically, and anthropologically proven as non-existent. The North and South American Indians did not use coins as money, or as medium of exchange. Read on for a discussion on this issue.

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