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Miracle Healing and Christian Deliverance


Miracle Healing and Christian Deliverance

Many believers today have no idea that they were conditioned against Christianity by Satan. This is not only true of most professed Christians, but of the vast majority of humanity as well. Today’s church-goers rarely study the Bible or use it as the authority for their beliefs. Instead, they follow the traditions and teachings of men, and the tent meetings they attend are filled with mass hysteria and little genuine healing.

The Bible teaches that every human being has a body and a soul. The message of Christ is to save both. Jesus came to save the soul and body, and his miracles are a part of the healing process. Jesus Christ’s presence is present in the Eucharist, the bread of eternal life. These two sacraments are particularly powerful healing means.

During the Apostolic Age, the apostles spread the gospel and performed miracles. Some of them cured the sick, cast out demons, and even raised the dead. The apostles’ miracles are recorded in the Acts and the Gospels. Jesus blessed the apostles with healing powers, which they used to heal those in need.

Although Christians have the authority to heal people, they must make their own decisions regarding the use of medical devices. As Christians grow in FAITH, they will experience more divine healing. Further, God never limits his power. Therefore, it is not fair to condemn Christians for seeking medical help based on their faith and understanding.

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