Which Religion Can Answer This Question?

I think I’ve figured out a way to prove which religion is right, so that we can get rid of the rest of them. I don’t know if this will work for sure, but if any religion can answer this question, I believe I could easily be persuaded to join them.

When Do We Start Questioning What We Have Learned About Religion?

When you were under the age of 12 years old, you might not have required much evidence or even knew what the word evidence meant. When someone told you that a magical person traveled around the world giving out presents on Christmas day, I never even questioned it. Especially if I was the recipient of those gifts.

Church Discipline – Excluding the Wanton Sinner (For a Time)

Call it ‘tough love’ if we will. Notwithstanding, it is love appropriate for the time.

Passover Saga – Myth Or History? (3) 2000AD, UCLA Study Group – Disentangling 300 Pharaohs

Passover Plagues-Miracles – Fiction or Fact? Ancient biblical events (Circa 1300BC) are confirmed by a university post-grad study group (Circa 2000AD). In sequential episodes and chapters, fictional characters of ancient Egypt interact with Moses, Pharaoh, et al, followed by a fictional university study group which reviews 21st century scientific findings, artifacts and logic, covering the same biblical events.

Passover Saga – Myth Or History? (1) Circa 1300BC – Moses and Pharaoh Dudimose

Is the biblical Passover-Exodus story fiction or factual history? In sequential episodes and chapters, fictional characters of circa 1300BC, interact with Moses, Pharaoh, et al; followed by a fictional university study group, circa 2000AD, which reviews 21st century scientific findings, artifacts and logic, covering the same biblical events.

Buying Islamic Books in Pakistan

Islamic Books are an integral part of learning about the religion of Islam. However, many books are available to readers that do not contain accurate information about the subject matter. Thus it is exceedingly important to purchase books that are published by renowned publishers and by recognized authors.

We Are Undeniably Walking, Talking Divine Sexual Beings

From the very first moment you opened your eyes into this dispensation of time, space and universe, you have had an indelible angle from which you operate. Your vision was manufactured out of eons of previous undeniable colored heritage, culture, biological and environmental factors. The distorted force though which you navigate your life is determined by how much you are governed in, through, around and over these instincts.

We Dishonor King David, Is Israel in Danger?

So many things are written about King David in biblical scripture. He was apparently loved very much by God. And David deeply loved our heavenly Father. But in these days, we dishonor King David.

Prayer! To Open the Heart to Life and Love!

The Christ Follower Prayer is intended for every Christian. It goes right to the heart of mankind’s life purpose, and requests the True Riches that God desires every child of His to possess.

Power! The Faith of Jesus Given to You!

What, beloved, is the Power that will prevail in your life? What Power will enable you to cast out doubt and uncertainty? To banish fear and worry, and its distracting anxiety? Allow you to turn your burdens over to the Lord of Life and sleep restfully and peacefully, and to wake up refreshed and renewed? In spite of trying and normally unsettling circumstances?

Diwali Recipes -The Delicacies One Will Love to Make This Diwali

The gala celebrations of Diwali festival – 17 Oct. are on its zenith and there is already a sense of stimulation, enthusiasm and excitement amongst the people of India. Every nook and corner again bustling with lights and fabulous decor, shopping malls and arcades festooned with lustrous gifts and the sweet shops well stuffed with tempting and Diwali dishes.

More on Getting Your Prayers Answered

When I first realized the importance of forgiveness my thought was, ‘Oh! RATS!’ Why does THAT have to come into getting my prayers answered? I suppose it truly is about getting my prayers answered; but, even more important, it is about getting closer to the Lord.

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