You Need To Reject The Word Curse Of These Witches In The White House

A Minority in a Christian Nation

For most Americans, Christmas is the “most wonderful time of the year.” But what about those people in our country (especially our children) who are not Christian? What is the Christmas season like for them? This essay is about my experience growing up as a minority in a small town and my feelings about the celebration of the holiday today.

Definitions of Religion And Morality

Religious practice, or outward religion, alludes to participating in ceremonies and occasions, paying little respect to whether one puts stock in them or goes for social or different reasons. Analysts trust a portion of the ethical profits, and downsides, of religion emerge from its social angles.

Forgiveness and Shaking the Hand of Jesus

THE HEART to forgive my ‘enemies’ has often eluded me. I am no stranger to feeling bitter, resentful, and bent out of shape because of the ‘injustices’ meted out to me. Yet, I have also been blessed with this insight: if I’m to overcome my bitterness, I must take responsibility for my sin.

Why The Three Main Contemporary Religions Call Jerusalem Home?

Jerusalem is the heart of the religions that follow the Old Testament and for good reason. It was founded by the Amorites who brought the Islamic religion to the world from Babylon.

New Testament Tricks, Lies, And Magic

Christians rely on the New testament as a book of truth but it is really a work of deceit and part of a major conspiracy to hide the real God. It was promised that before the end the truth would be revealed and that time has come.

Forgive and Forget, Really?

Are we really to forget the hurts and wounds that we have suffered at the hands of others? Forgiving is one thing, but to forget is an entirely different thing.

The Payment

Why is it important to distinguish between sons and strangers? Who makes that adoption process possible? Jesus pays the right of passage that we cannot pay.

The Isaiah 61 Prophecy About Jesus the Christ

There are many prophecies about Jesus the Christ. One prophecy is found in Isaiah 61.

2015: A Year of Marching Out (2)

Look at Abraham; the father of our faith. When God decided to pick, bless and use him, he was asked to march out from where he was to the place God wanted him to be. Yes, God had the power to bless him right there in his country, but decided that he moves. And it was when Abraham obeyed and began to move that everything in his life also began to fall into place. God bless him richly, gave him children, and gave him wonderful generational promises and long life. But, what if he had refused to obey that particular instruction to move, would he had received all these things? No! Truly, it was a divine movement for divine positioning!

Cruel, Not Kind Islam

The Prophet says “Know that Paradise is under the shades of swords.” Islam teaches violence as the means to conquer infidels (a term that includes all westerners and non-believers) and that all should follow the path to a one Islamic world. The teachings condone fighting, murder and even the killing of other Muslims who appear to be unfaithful to the Koran.

Jesus Christ – The Missing Years

This puzzle has emerged to test people who favor religious dogma and idols over the real God. There never was a Jesus Christ and the work of Constantine who produced the image is now exposed.

No Male or Female?

When Paul says there is no male and female, did he mean to abolish all gender differences in the church? I think not.

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