Matthew 24 – The Rosetta Stone of Tribulation Prophecy

Just how many “second” comings can there be? Wouldn’t two second comings equal a second and a third coming? Confusing, I know. So much simpler to read it as it is… in Matthew 24.

Church Letter Writing Success Mini Course – Tip 2 of 13

When I say, be “hopeful,” I simply mean have a tone of hopefulness in your letter writing, as well as when you speak with them face to face, or on the phone. People will often gain new strength for the next day when they realize someone else believes in them, as well as offering assurance of our God who is in ultimate control!

666 – What Does This Number Signify and How Do We Receive It?

It is of paramount importance for us Christians to perfectly understand this number because the Bible categorically states that anyone that receives this number shall partake in Gods wrath (Rev 14:9-10). God is Spirit – God is spirit and we are flesh so we cannot understand what he says without his guidance (John 4:24).

Church Letter Writing Success Mini Course – Tip 5 of 13

Our fifth lesson in “13 Tips For Church Letter Writing Success” will build off the letter “C” in our Church Letters acrostic. So far, we have looked at the following: C – Be Clear H – Be Hopeful U – Be Understanding R – Be Responsive Today, we will take a look at: C – Be Consistent People have an amazing ability to catch on to “favoritism”, and will certainly notice if certain people receive letters or encouraging e-mails and others do not.

Dialogue From Jesus, Christian on Trial!

And the trial began. The judge asked, “Did you know what you would be judged on?” Christian replied, “Yes, on whether I accepted Jesus.”

Are You a Liar When You Say You Love Jesus – Do You Measure Up to John the Apostle’s Standard?

In all my life, in all the sermons that I have heard, I have very rarely heard messages that were based on the things the Apostle John preached on unless they were speaking about Revelation. In this article we are looking at the type of Christian that John calls a liar and the person that the truth in not in them.

I Had a Real Problem With Jesus Being a Sexist When He Healed Peter’s Mum So She Could Serve Them!

For many years I had an issue with Jesus for going to Peter’s house and healing Peter’s mother. The scripture says that when he healed her, that she got up immediately and served them a meal. I had this problem until I asked Jesus about it. This little article shares what Jesus told me about it.

Walking in True Humility – What Does it Entail?

Many people ponder over this question. In my life I have met two living Apostles and they had the true secret. They knew how to walk in humility… do you know what set them apart?

Christians and Old Testament Saints Are Alive in Heaven – Not in Soul Sleep

Certain modern day Christian movements and individuals believe that the people that have died are asleep in the ground in some sort of state where time is not known. Many people are convinced by wrong teaching and yet Jesus has already addressed this issue in the Gospels.

You Have Not Yet Resisted to Bloodshed, Striving Against Sin – Hebrews 12:4 – What Does That Mean?

Many people have had that scripture and think the Lord is talking about being hurt for your faith and bleeding. This is not what this scripture means. In this short article we will look at what it really means and how Jesus did it.

How to Insure Yourself Financially in These Worrisome Days

In these days of recession looming, with all the lay offs in the workplace, with volatile stock markets, and dishonest executives that allow people to still invest when their firm is in major trouble, how do we as children of God insure ourselves? Jesus had something to say about this. Let me share…

A Fact About Fig Trees That Will Make it Much Easier to Understand Why Jesus Cursed It

Many people when they read the story about the fig tree and Jesus cursing it, they think that Jesus is very unfair. Without knowing this truth, the enemy can make you think Jesus was not a nice prophet. Read it here…

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