Assurance Of Salvation And Royal Protocol

Did you ever dream what it would be like to meet a celebrity or a person of high rank in society, or a President or Royalty and wonder whether you would feel awkward and nervous? Usually there are rules of etiquette to give guidance and save any embarrassment. But how would you approach God, the Creator and Ruler of all things, would you stay far away trying to remain unnoticed? This raises some vital questions.

Rising Light and Clearing Fog

Darkness and fog make it hard to see – physically and spiritually. One day the darkness will be gone and there will be no more fog.

The Origin of Religious Philosophy

In today’s world there is no excuse for failing to see the tricks and myths of religion. The idea of a virgin birth cannot be sustained in the wake of genetic evidence that proves that genes from both parents are required to produce an individual. The notions of heaven and hell are based on myths that were disproved when the first space ship went into the cosmos.

A Glimpse of Grace

What if you and I could catch a glimpse of how the Lord could turn our failures into victories? To even think of this possibility can bring back hope that has been dashed and dreams that have been laid aside. I had just such an experience as I waited on the Lord regarding His will for 2013. In the very briefest of moments the Lord showed me the power of His grace that will be available to us this year.

Prayer That Makes a Difference

Prayer is the indispensable means of communicating with God. In this article, I want to consider the who of prayer, the what of prayer and the why of prayer. Looking at these three areas will enrich our prayer life.

Other Side of the Boat

Why were they fishing on the side of the boat that they were fishing on? Why did they intentionally not fish on the right side of the boat? It took a word from Jesus to them to encourage them to make the attempt on the other side of the boat. What about their skill as fishermen would teach them to fish on the side of the boat they were fishing on?

Behold The Lamb Of God

There are times when things would happen to us that is beyond our control and there are other times when things will happen to us because we have taken our eyes off of Jesus and placed it upon the situation. We should always behold the Lamb of God even when things happen that is beyond our control because He is able to calm the storms of life.

Your Money and Your Life

Money, the abundance of it or the lack of it, often has a strong influence on how we view life. In itself, money is not the problem. It is our attitude about it.

When We Owe Nothing We Give Everything

The fullest measure of love wants no part in others feeling guilty for what they did or didn’t do to or for us. And this love is of God.

A Wood Cross for Christopher

Christopher’s family believed Christopher’s frequent depression were a result of his worries about dying and facing God. Christopher was having a faith crisis, as well as a health crisis.

Will Christianity Fail Or Succeed?

Yes, there are certainly places where Christianity has to all intents and purposes been wiped out, both in the past and present. There are also places in the West, where it is on the wane. So, what’s the point of my question? One of the extraordinary realities of living Christianity is its connection to the risen and ascended Lord, so that his body on earth is as secure and as invincible as he is himself. Now, I need to unpack this as you may find it surprising.

Relation – Reincarnation and Globalisation

What is reincarnation? Reincarnation is invented by Hindus in ancient Vedic society, roughly more than ten thousand years ago. It is the concept of transmigration of the soul, the atman, through many life forms, which is explained in the Vedanta philosophy.

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