You Won’t BELIEVE What God Did For This Young Girl And Her Mother! It’s A MIRACLE!

Islamic Gifts of Prayer Mats

A Muslim cannot deny the importance of praying or ‘Salat’ in his life; that makes prayer mats a significant feature of every Muslim household. They make ideal gifts for various occasions; they are not only useful but also have a spiritual implication.

Juan Diego – The First Indigenous Mexican Saint

Juan Diego (with a birth name Cuauhtlatoatzin) was born in 1474 in Chichimeca nation to a peasant family. His birth name is in Nahuatl language and means “Who Talks like an Eagle.” He grew up in one of the city’s of Aztec Empire Cuahtitlan, which is located around 20 kilometers from the northern part of Tenochtitlan, now known as Mexico City.

Why a Person Should Learn About Biblical Animals

For many people that love the Bible they will want to realize that many different Biblical animals exist. However, some people will not consider why they need to learn about the different Biblical animals and the impact that those animals made in helping to shape the Bible.

Holy Water From Jordan River

People that enjoy religion are always looking for relics that they can have. However, some of those relics are going to be hard to come by. One item that a religious person can own though and enjoy in their home is going to be holy water from Jordan river. However, some people may want to know why they should own these items.

What Constitutes a Marriage Recognized by God?

First, the marriage of Adam and Eve was consecrated by God Himself. Marriage in fact is the first institution established by God for man. And it being the first must be important. So important that the Savior likens the relationship of Himself and the church as a marriage which will be consecrated in Heaven at the marriage feast.

Learn to Read the Bible Effectively – The Main Key to Understanding the Bible

The main key to reading the Bible effectively with true understanding is a simple one and yet it is often overlooked. The Bible is a collection of sixty six books that have been divided into chapters and verses to make it easier for us to find whatever we are looking for. This is often very helpful but it creates a trap that many fall into.

The Oppositions of the Godly

Opposition though a very bad word to someone’s progress in life, yet through opposition people were able to break new grounds and achieve great results more than where there is none. People who experienced opposed in life come out better and sound than those weathered no storm of opposition. Though opposition, people have learned so many adaptation techniques which helped to overcome their troubles. I have come to discover afresh that it is opposition that builds a man stronger than was originally.

Astonished at Jesus

The most influential and incomparable speech ever made on this earth was that which is commonly called, “The Sermon on the Mount”. In this great lesson, Jesus gave the greatest moral code the world has ever seen, and at the same time gave teaching that sets His religion, apart from all others. He set forth positive teaching, and He was positive in the way He set it forth. It is little wonder, then, that when He finished speaking, the multitudes were astonished at His teaching: for He taught them as one having authority, and not as their scribes.

Astonished at the Salvation He Offered

Jesus made salvation simple, so simple that people have been trying to twist it and complicate it ever since. He told His apostles to go into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature, instructing that anyone that hears them, believes the gospel and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believes not shall be condemned. That is simple. Even a ten-year-old child can understand it. But many people with PhD’s deny it!

The Blessings of Baptism

Since the fall of man the principles of SIN have hardly changed: independence of God, self-satisfaction and the rejection of any responsibility for one’s own wrong behaviour. In one word, sin promises every of its captor the position of a god so long as they follow its paths.

Confusing God With Religion Part 1

I can remember it like it was yesterday. I was driving home after a particularly boring three-hour contract meeting. It was a late September afternoon and the traffic on the by-pass was still light.

Astonished at the Claims of Jesus!

The world is filled with so many claims of people who are seeking recognition. Bogus as these claims were, the Lord warns us to test every spirit in operation around us to ascertain their authenticity.

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