You won’t BELIEVE what HAPPENED with her KNEE!

Where Do Preacher’s Keep Their Sermon Notes?

You want to preach a sermon with limited reliance on notes. If you need notes, however, you must keep them somewhere. Where do you keep them? In this article we will discuss four of these places.

How to Practice Preaching – Lessons From Trumpet Playing

I took private lessons in trumpet for a few years while growing up. I remember that I had to practice playing the trumpet between 30 min and 1 hour everyday. Then sometimes I would add another 30 min of composition time. How did I spend those 30 minutes? In this article we discuss how to apply this to preaching practice.

First Amendment Protections of Absolute Assertions Based Upon Religious Dogma

Too many people have been conditioned to believe that the First Amendment to the Constitution protects them from the assertion that immodest dress is a sin. This thinking stems from two fallacious premises. First it comes from a misunderstanding of the function of the Constitution

The Changing Face of Wicca in India

The reason why witchcraft is commonly considered a territory that is taboo is because most traditional connotations of the term associate it with different senses of ‘harmful’. This is in spite of the fact that the etymology actually encompasses implications of ‘curative’ and ‘benign’.’ Wicca’, the Old English masculine noun meaning ‘male witch, wizard’ somehow evolved into embracing the domain of female spirituality.

Sin, “Original Sin” and Sinfulness

What Sin Is: Religion says that as human beings, we are born into sin. That is correct. The Bibles states that; “All have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God.” That is also correct. So what is sin? Essential Spirituality teaches us that sin has 4 parts. You can be right on any 3 parts, but if you get just one wrong, You are living in a state of sin.

God Loves All His Children

God loves all His children, and all who breathe, all who are born of the dust of Earth are His children. You are an heir of the Kingdom of God. When Jesus died, you received the kingdom – all the riches, all the glory, all the blessings, all the treasures of the world’s richest kingdom. And, you are under an obligation to request the treasures of that Kingdom. Not requesting is denying the Holy Spirit. But you are unable to make such a request unless your walk is pure and you believe and live The Truth.

You Don’t Believe in God?

You don’t believe in God!? To me, it’s impossible Not to believe in God. But, I am also willing to bet, in fact, I am willing to guarantee, that your definition of God and my definition of God are completely, totally different. How do I know that? Because you don’t believe in God. Let me give you an example. Let’s say that you believe that pigs can’t fly. Let’s further say that I come along and declare that pigs Can fly!

The Power of Satan is Dismissed

Lets begin with knowledge. Why? Because Jesus built his church upon knowledge. As a matter of fact this is the only church that Jesus built. You can allow evil to control your life, or you can control your own life. God has given you a mind, which is controlled by you and no one else.

Seeking God’s Overwhelming Majesty

God is indescribable, magnificent, awesome, awe inspiring, holy and majestic. He is so very beautiful that the human mind does not have words or expressions to describe Him. God is enveloped in overwhelming majesty.

Are Wars Really Fought in the Name of Religion Or Are Leaders Using it to Recruit?

There is no doubt that you’ve at some time in your life had the argument with someone about the number of wars fought over religion, and of course, you can name battles, and wars throughout the human written record of history of such events that have taken place. Still, one should be asking were all those wars fought over religion or did the leaders of each army merely use the religion to recruit their armies to do their bidding. Why do I bring this up you ask?

Are Atheists Disrespectful of Religion? Are the Religions of the World Disrespectful of Individual?

Not long ago, I was observing the conversation of a religious man and an atheist, and the religious man said that the atheist was completely disrespectful of religion and religious followers. The atheist flat out denied being disrespectful of anyone, but admitted he did disrespect religion for a number of reasons. And seriously, he went off on a laundry list that was so long, we couldn’t possibly list them all here in this article.

PC Study Bible Software – What Are the Advantages?

There are a growing number of PC study Bibles being developed and published for Christian clergy and laypersons. What are the advantages of study Bible software in contrast to hard copy texts and resources? And what premium features might be considered?

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