Simply Being There

CONSIDERING the expanse of the work ahead of me over the next few months, having spent precious time with someone who needed emotional and spiritual care, I was reminded how unimportant tasks are. Sure, I was feeling overwhelmed at my workload, and sure I was frustrated with my inability to focus on just one thing and get it done. But one thing I was satisfied in was simply being there; being my best for somebody else, even if it didn’t seem very helpful at all.

The Ultimate Answer to All Church Conflict

FAMILIES fight. There, I said it. Families have this phenomenon about them that suggests, that, though there is great love, there is also great difference, and more than occasionally it happens; that diversity of nature and opinion is not appreciated.

Do Hindu Gods Eat Food?

In Hindu temples across the globe, food is offered to the Gods in quantities that could well address some serious world hunger agendas. From savory to sweet, raw to processed- Hindu Gods are privy to it all! This custom, especially given its elaboration and indulgences- are sometimes strange and less than sound in the eyes of an external observer.

The Spiritual Don’t Question Eternal Life As They Already Have It

What is eternal life and are all a part of it? There are millions who ask these questions every day and they get nowhere. Only those with genuine memory of reincarnation can put the matter to rest.

The Conflict of the Ages

A look at the conflict between God and Lucifer that began in eternity and the various assaults that the rebellious devil has since devised to prevent the fulfillment of God’s plan of redemption through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ. Satan failed. Jesus Christ finished His salvation work on the cross, rose again and waits in Heaven until it is time for Him to return again.

We Are Never Too Old To Serve God

Why Christians should never consider their senior years to no longer be of service to God and His purposes to exalt Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Examples are given that should encourage you.

Revisiting the Rapture – Is It Imminent?

This topic is like a minefield with many hazardous conclusions drawn from texts taken without context. This article offers a broader spectrum of ideas and contexts than most Christians have considered.

If God Loves Us Then Why Does He Cause Natural Calamities?

Here’s a question that has miffed many of us on many an occasion – if God loves us, then why does he/she cause natural calamities? Every person I have met, every source I have referred to has its own take on the matter. Some call it the will of God, others the natural order of things in a life bound to suffering; yet others feel we have only our own selves to blame for what they see as the wrath of the Gods above.

God’s Plan Is Simple But Religions Have Made Everything Complicated and Unfathomable

Anyone who knows the real God must blame religions for the complicated mess and confusion that exists as a result of the mysteries, lies, and innuendos they preach. The millions of false gods and crazy repetitious prayers to idols and icons get us nowhere. The ones who suffer the most are those who are unwavering in their dedication to them.

The Real God Is Buried Under Lies, Myths, And Innuendos

God pleaded with everyone to see through the lies of religious teachers and seek out the truth, “Hear, ye deaf: and look, ye blind; that ye may see.” Isaiah 42:18. But few are interested in the message.

Constantine Kept Constant The Things Of The First Beast Whose Deadly Wound Was Healed

The actions of Constantine have fooled the world for close on 2,000 years. His endeavors have brought about major wars, jealousy, confusion, and now the end is coming, as promised in the prophecies. Still he was protected by God so that these things would come about.

Religious Leaders Conspired To Turn God Into The Devil

The many gods put up by religions have invoked the anger of the Spirit. We suffer because of them and now the end is coming as promised by the real God at the start.

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