Young Boy Set Free from Suicidal Thoughts (& then mom & sister delivered too)

The Spirit in the Church Today – Part 2

Ever experienced an encounter with God? Here’s a couple of my own brushes with eternity.

The Spirit in the Church Today

What do you have the right to expect from God in this generation? Are you receiving it? What does the Spirit say to the church about this subject?

Home Church and True Implications of a Good Samaritan

The home church can teach and show in action what God expects from us. Imagine a person on the side of the highway hurt and bleeding. How many of us do you think will stop and pay attention to that man on the way to work? We do not want to get involved. We do not have time and more over we do not care. Most of us think it is none of my business.

The Spirit in the Church Today – Part 3

Miracles can be life-changing events, ways for God to direct your path. Ever experienced one?

The Contemporary Service in a Traditional Church – The Unwanted Stepchild

The members of our church’s contemporary worship team often refer to our service as the unwanted stepchild of our church. We always say it with a chuckle and a smile, our service is well-established, and has been drawing a decent crowd on Sunday mornings for the past ten years. Most of us feel that we have been around long enough to prove the value of the contemporary style of worship, but we also know that a decade is just a drop in the bucket to the average Methodist. We may laugh when we joke about it, but sometimes too loudly.

LDS Gospel Art Kit – Mormon Artwork

This art kit is a set of pictures specifically designed to illustrate a story, gospel principle, or to give a visual of a complex idea of the gospel. Many of the images are images for children, but can be used for adults. It begins with Adam and Eve and ends with pictures of modern prophets, including pictures from the Old and New Testament, Book of Mormon, church history, and contemporary gospel topics. The kit was a little bit more expensive previously but was well worth the cost as there were over a hundred visual aids.

Why Pray to The Rosary?

Many non-Catholics are surprised and even frustrated that Catholics place so much emphasis on praying the rosary. Why pray the rosary when you can pray straight to Jesus? Why pray the rosary when you can pray straight to the Heavenly Father?

Our Lady of Lipa – The Virgin Mary in the Philippines

Did the Virgin Mary appear in Lipa, Batangas Philippines? In a breakthrough, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Lipa recently issued a new decree supporting the alleged apparitions.

The Home Church is Free From Denominational Dictates

The home church is free from denominational dictates. Over the years I have observed that there is a common thread to all denominational churches. All the branches are the same. The type and style of worship meeting is the same. Their organizational government is the same.

Realize the Promise, Fulfill Life’s Potential

Life is so much more than things and stuff – life is a journey of experience. Life is a journey of promise, a journey of choice. Through choices one comes to fulfill life’s potential. To recognize the promise and fulfill your potential make the “right” choice journey by faith.

Home Church Creates an Informal Atmosphere For Learning to Pray

Prayer is not the easiest Christian discipline. A home church can easily help this problem through the informal atmosphere. The atmosphere of people around you influences your mind more than your spirit. If you are not a disciplined spirit filled Christian you can easily fall into trap of mind dictating to the spirit.

Emerging Church – What is It?

This new emerging movement leans heavily towards self awareness and contemplative spirituality, and significant false biblical roots. They don’t read their bibles, they don’t memorize scripture, and they don’t mention the way to heaven is through Jesus Christ.

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