Young Boy with Seizures is Set Free

The Law, a Shadow of Things to Come

Jesus Christ, His finished work of atonement, and the New Covenant of Grace is the true object that cast the shadow (backward) into the Old Testament. If we can understand this, our understanding of Grace theology is much clearer. The Law with its types and shadows does not interpret Grace, but rather, Grace interprets the Law. Grace, therefore is the true object known only by revelation, and the Law is merely the shadow of Grace not yet revealed or made known.

But Seek Ye First

I think we often get the cart before the horse. We think about all of the things we want — health, wealth, love, the stuff of this world. We make out our “honey do” list and present it to God. But, do we take the time to fellowship with Him, or do we only seem to have time to ask Him for something?

God’s Truly Simple Plan of Salvation

If you believe there is a God, then you probably have a desire to go to Heaven when you die. But can you know for sure? Yes, you absolutely can. Just as we want our own children to be 100% sure of our love and care, God too wants you to have the same confidence and assurance. This simple explanation will be logical and straight forward. If nothing else, you’ll see the love of God manifested for you, and how amazing that love is.

Can a Christian Study Tai Chi?

Is there anything in the study of this Chinese art that violates a Christian’s religious principles? This article explains why Christians can fully enjoy the calming and self-defense that they can learn from this amazing martial art.

Communion Veils – What to Look For

After you’ve chosen your child’s First Communion dress, it is time to pick out a veil to complete the ensemble. The veil should match the dress in color; whether it is white or off-white is up to you. Once the color is decided upon, there are other design options to consider.

Christian Survival in the Military

Serving in the military is a hard job, especially if you are a Christian. It is even that much harder being a soldier during war time as a Christian. You are away from your family, friends, people who you worship and fellowship with and are a sort of support line in your Christian walk.

Lost? Follow the True Leader

How many have played the game “Follow the Leader”? The rules are pretty simple, what ever the leader does-the followers must mimic the leader’s movements or they are out of the game. It’s a fun, simple and quick game that even a little child can play. What many fail to see is that they need to play “Follow the Leader” for the rest of their lives.

The Shroud of Turin – Shrouded in Mystery?

The Shroud, or linen cloth, is mentioned in each of the Evangelists? accounts of the death and burial of Jesus. While the official Church makes no comment as to the authenticity of the Shroud, Catholics by and large believe this to be the true burial cloth of Jesus.

Why is the House of God Forsaken?

This question was asked by Nehemiah after Israel was allowed to go back to their promised land. It appears there were several things that caused people to forsake the house of God. It didn’t take Nehemiah very long to find the answer to this question. The same things that caused the children of Israel back there to forsake the house of God are similar to why we have forsaken the house of God.

Promised Peace

During His lifetime Jesus gave His peace to those who believed on Him. Jesus distinguishes His peace from the peace as the world understands it: the absence of war on earth. What Jesus brought instead of worldly peace, was reconciliation between God and man.

Can Any Good Thing Come Out of the House of an Atheist?

I will be the first one to admit there are many good things being done by atheists. They have some good programs that are helping many people.

Christian Websites and Prayer

Prayer is one of the fundamental exercises for Christian growth. Agendas and programs of church seem to substitute the devoted prayer life of the soul. Recently we have become a community of programs and activities. Christian websites reflect this mentality.

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