How to Live a Victorious Life

Living a victorious life is one that is lived within the will of God. If this is your desire, then you must realize that there is a powerful enemy that does not want you to succeed.

Saint John Of The Cross Enters the Carmelite Order

The object of the Carmelite life was to meditate night and day on God’s Law and His Word. Their houses were purposely found in places far removed from the distractions of the world, very often in the desert, in hermitages. They would practice long and severe fasts. Their life was spent communing with their Lord in contemplation, meditating on this King of all Who loved them.

The Humble King and His Blue-Collar Court

Bearded shepherds are an integral part of any Christmas pageant. They dutifully guard our Nativity scenes, and have come to be a symbol of the holiday. But what is the significance of God’s announcing His Son’s Incarnation first to them? What was it like to be a shepherd in 1st century Judea? The prominence of the lowly shepherds on that first Christmas displays God’s way of esteeming the humble to glorify Himself.

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes – Part 1

It is true that humans are creators of their own reality, and that where “Energy Flows Attention Goes”, so why is our world becoming so dark and fearful at this present time? What is the focus of our attention?

History and Argument Are to Be Inseparably Joined With Doctrine in the Testimony of the Church

Whether in the light of God’s word, history and argument are to be inseparably joined with doctrine in the Testimony of the church, is the question. The affirmative we maintain, – the negative is asserted in the “Preface” to Reformation Principles Exhibited, and urged by the “Covenanter” [the magazine].

Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell

We’ve heard a lot about the political battle regarding the repeal of the military law “don’t ask, don’t tell.” Gay people claim it’s time for it and that people are accepting of it. But the church seems deafly silent about this issue — possibly because the church has it’s own “don’t ask, don’t tell policy.”

History Of The Holy Rosary – Part 2

Where did the name rosary come from? What is the origin of the mysteries of the rosary? Learn about the history and the evolution of the holy rosary.

Leading Praise and Worship Within Your Culture

If you are involved in leading praise and worship in a non-westernized society, you may be facing the question of whether you should modify your worship style to fit your culture. Most of the styles of leading worship are heavily influenced by the church in the developed nations, and if you are in an emerging nation it is important that you do not reproduce what you hear on worship CDs, but start leading worship within your own culture.

Ask and Believe Then Leave the Results to God

If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer,” declares Matthew 21:22. Many Christians are aware of a type of prosperity Christianity that tells us if we have enough faith, we can receive from God whatever we desire. Such terms as “name it and claim it” depict that all we have to do it express our desires to God and He is just standing by to fulfill our every wimp and want.

Why Does the Date of Easter Vary Every Year?

Easter has always been what’s known as a “movable feast”, because instead of following patterns other holidays do – that is, based on Gregorian or Julian calendars – the date is determined by the lunisolar (of the sun and moon) calendar… That calendar is very similar to the Hebrew calendar, but what remains constant is that Easter falls on a Sunday, and it’s always between March 22 and April 25. To explain the lunisolar calendar a little more, the lunar year is made up of 30-day and 29-day lunar months…

Woody the Weird Woodpecker’s Prayer

Owls raised Woody. So the story goes. Many, many springs ago, an egg fell on top of a squirrel. Sensing a wriggling snake inching towards it, the squirrel took the egg and ran with it to Bertie the Owl. “Bertie, this egg just fell on my back. It hopped into some bushes and I was quick enough to rescue it from that awful snake.” Bertie agreed to raise the egg as her own and soon afterwards Woody was born.

Scripture Meditation: Hiding God’s Word in Your Heart

As we meditate on the scriptures or inspirational passages, these words begin to drop down in our spirit and transform us from within, beginning with our heart. As we continue with the practice, whether it takes days, months, or years, we will be changed. This is called Scripture meditation.

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