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The Importance of Miracle Healing in Christianity


The Importance of Miracle Healing in Christianity

One of the most important elements of Christianity is baptism. On the Day of Pentecost, Peter instructed the crowds to repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. This action would lead to the gift of the Holy Spirit. In the New Testament, Ananias led Paul to Christ and baptized him. As he did, he called on the name of Jesus. Today, many people have never heard of Jesus and are unsure of his teachings.

The apostles, however, never performed any miracles like feeding the 5000 or walking on water. In fact, they were given only the power to heal the sick and raise the dead, which hid the true situation. Those who did such things were considered to be messengers of God, which made their acts of power even more amazing. They had to discern who was real and who was not. In short, Jesus had to be the one who could perform these miracles.

Jesus understood the human being to be both body and soul. He came to save souls and raise bodies. In the gospels, Jesus did physical healings and performed exorcisms. He used these signs of his power to confirm his claim of being the Son of God. Hence, blasphemy against the HS is not acceptable in Christianity. However, Jesus’ followers should not be fooled into believing that the Bible is about a physical healing.

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