The Sun Will Shine Again!

“The terrible storm raged unabated for many days, blotting out the sun and the stars, until at last all hope was gone.” “As the darkness gave way to the early morning light..

Is the Philosophy of Modern Science – Unscientific?

Leaving God out of academia actually limits the possibilities of many young minds to discover and grow. Examples of scientific disciplines that have reached a plateau and remained stunted would start with modern psychiatry.

He Waited For Me!

I was talking to a good friend today and the subject of traffic tickets came up. My friend has a traffic ticket tips website. I told him a story about a time when there was construction on the road near my house. The speed limit was well posted at 25 miles per hour. One morning I was in a hurry to get somewhere as usual and seeing that there was no one working on the road – it was basically deserted – I drove at the normal speed of 45 miles per hour. Lo and behold, there was one lonely motorcycle policeman waiting there for someone like me, in this case, me, to speed by him.

Treasures From The Crib Of Jesus

Family, God is so good. We have been racking our brains trying to give you some really meaningful gifts from the Lord for this Christmas season. As it turns out, we read Conversations With God, a meditation book by Francisco Fernandez, of Opus Dei, founded by St. Jose Escriva. There are two teachings we want to share with you, which we believe you will agree constitute two of the greatest gifts the Lord could give you.

Religious Talk on the Rise While Religion on the Fall

Each year it seems the religious discourse in the United States increases in fervor and frequency. Whether it’s Christmas decorations in public places, prayer in schools, or which church certain politicians frequent, Americans seem extremely preoccupied with the role faith plays in public affairs.

Others Might Be Impacted By Our Obedience

In Genesis 24:53, Abraham’s servant met with Rebekah’s father, Bethuel, and brother, Laban, to arrange for her marriage to Abraham’s son, Isaac. Bethuel and Laban agreed to allow Rebekah to become Isaac’s bride. As a symbol of his gratitude, Abraham’s servant showered Rebekah and her family with gifts. This gesture reminded me of how others around us can be impacted by the choices we make in life.

The Preacher’s Central Message

Two factors persist in the preacher’s sermon: the first is the fountain – the very Water of Life. The second is the cup with which is drawn inspiration upon revelation. It is the cup that is delivered us, you and me, from which we drink; let us not forget where the water came from. Whilst many preachers do impress, many likewise do not. They draw from the fountain, and though they may lack no revelation, they lack the inspiration of a C.H. Spurgeon to deliver a message ‘worthy’ of saving lives for Jesus (so some might say). Yet, no message about Jesus is, therefore, insufficient; only to the judging ear and the careful eye – lost to toothpicks of truth and enigmas of eloquence.

Communion Banners

If your child will be participating in their First Communion ceremony this year, they may wish to create a banner for the Church or for the party location. Whether they make the banner alone, in class with their friends, or at home with you, we offer simple steps to creating the perfect banner.

The Child Jesus In The Holy Land

Here before us was a tiny Baby with curly hair, a chubby Baby, a carefree Baby, a joy to behold, with a tiny bird in His plump little Hands. From a distance He had looked like an ordinary baby, so sweet, so peaceful, so adorable, so untouched. Then we stepped closer and looked into His Eyes! They were not the eyes of a baby.

The Mounting War Against Israel

God has a dramatic, exciting, and tension-filled blockbuster end-times drama in store. In fact, He seems to be laying the foundation for it now with a mounting war against Israel. See how this could lead to a stunning response by Israel, which, in turn, could align for the fulfillment of end-times prophecy.

What Does the Bible Say About the Redistribution of Wealth?

There are, it seems, two sides to this question: what is the responsibility of the individual, and what is the responsibility of the state? I don’t think anyone would argue the idea that, as individuals, we have a responsibility to take care of the less fortunate-the Bible, both Old and New Testaments-make it clear that we do.

How To Use Viral Marketing To Spread The Good News

In an age where cell phones, the internet, and social media websites run rampant, we have become used to the fast-paced way of spreading the word about any and every thing. Similarly, we can use our lives to become viral marketers for our God. So, how would a viral marketing campaign for God work?

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