YOUR CROSS | Pastor Evelyn Joshua Sermon


The Essence of Christianity

Christianity is a religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. There are many different types of Christian denominations, each with its own unique beliefs. Christians believe that Jesus was sent by God to save the world and that he will return to earth in the future to establish peace on earth.

The essence of christianity is to follow the example of Jesus, and to live a holy life in line with his teachings. The Holy Bible is the main scripture used by christians to teach them how to live.

Jesus was a teacher, and his teachings are recorded in the New Testament. He teaches that people should love others, and do good deeds for the sake of others.

He also taught that God had sent him to rescue the world from sin. He was a savior, and his death on the cross was an act of divine justice.

During his time on earth, Jesus performed many miracles. His healings helped his followers to build their faith. They were also used to help spread the word of the gospel quickly.

During the early days of christianity, Jesus and the apostles healed people all over the world. They were able to help people heal because they had the power of the Holy Spirit.

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