YOUR FAITH WILL NOT FAIL!!! | Prophetic Sermon | TB Joshua

A Wrong Prophetic Practice – Do You Do it Often?

There exists proper prophetic protocol in churches and young prophets are very open to stepping all over it and not obeying it. This article is about something I did often and yet the Lord is not happy about and I have stopped doing it a lot.

The Christian Teaming

Chambers’s Twentieth Century Dictionary defines team, in part, as “a set of persons working or playing in combination.” As Christians, we share that view. But many a great number of us would rather go it alone because their choice is to avoid ‘people-problems’ forgetting that ‘variety is the spice of life.’

Great Principles For Christians

Principles are no more than a set of formulated ideas often called ‘moral rules or beliefs’ that one keeps handy to guide one through in handling normal human situations – complex or simple. Christians have such principles which they apply with tenacity and great resolve.

Are You Just Turning Up to Heidi Baker Or Are You Applying Heidi Baker?

In the book of James, the Apostle and brother of Jesus says that we deceive ourselves if we merely read the Word of God and do not apply it. The same can be said of a Heidi Baker conference and the people that listen to Heidi Baker on you tube.

Comfort For People in Ministry That Are Under Attack

Are you in ministry and serving God the best way that you can and are under an assault by people who once were friendly and now seem to be your worst enemies? Are you under a sustained, planned and vicious attack by people who think they are acting for God against you a false teacher? This is for you.

Giving a Public Prophetic Rebuke in Church

Many people who are gifted in the prophetic feel that they need to rise up in the prophetic and give a church a piece of God’s mind. A young prophet will spend enormous amounts of time in the Old Testament prophets and will see so many messages that God has for the current church and screams inside that the pastors are not preaching the warnings to their people. If you are one of these people this article is for you.

Doing the Prophetic Under a Spiritual Covering

Many people who are not mature in the prophetic or gifted with the wisdom of God think that a prophet is above a pastor and therefore they need not submit to their pastor and in fact their pastor has to do what they say. People with a prophetic anointing who think this is true remain rebellious and will not mature into a prophet in the office until they humble themselves and become submitted to proper spiritual authority.

The Origins of Voodoo

An old and often misunderstood religion, Voodoo is one of many pre-Christian faiths that can be traced to all the way to West Africa and Haiti. Even though it has been depicted as evil by Hollywood and the mainstream media, many of the deities and practices are in no way used for demonic or negative purposes. Instead, they share similar characteristics to Catholicism and some Pagan faiths.

Myths and Facts About Voodoo

When most people hear the word Voodoo, there are a few images that pop in their head. First they think of New Orleans, then Voodoo dolls, human sacrifices, curses and the evil eye. These are a few of the misconceptions that surround Voodoo.

Church Family Gifts

“Now concerning spiritual [gifts], brethren, I would not have you ignorant”, I Corinthians 12:1. In this verse and the verses following the Apostle Paul is telling us that as Christians we receive gifts from God. Paul is not referring to every day blessings, but special gifts given to the individual members of the Church family. He is referring to “Spiritual Gifts”.

The Holy Spirit

During that basic military training, the army instructors would use these two methods of instructions to teach recruits new things; for example shooting the M16 rifle. The instructor would show us the wrong method before he contrasted it with the right one.

Parshat Tzav – Blood Pudding

In Parshat Tzav we are taught: “You shall not consume any blood, in any of your dwelling places, whether from fowl or animals.” And me, a Jew from New York, had to go all the way to Israel to meet someone from Wyoming to understand this law.

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