Your Own Part As A Christian (Part 2) | Pastor Evelyn Joshua Sermon

Islamic Belief in the Bible

This article shall show how Muslims view the Bible. It will highlight why Muslims object on the some content of the Bible. Also it will show that Muslims are not saying that the whole Bible is false but still contains some truth.

Prophet Muhammad – The Final Prophet Foretold in the Bible

This article shall highlight some prophecies foretelling about Prophet Muhammad in the Bible. It will show how these prophecies referred to a prophet who is like Moses. It also shows that this prophet is a descendant of Ishmael.

What Is the Gospel of Mark?

Mark is the oldest book in the gospel. It begins with the baptism of Jesus and ended with Jesus victory over death by rising from the dead on the third day.

What Is the Gospel of Matthew?

The Gospel of Matthew records about the genealogy, and miracles of the Messiah, Jesus Christ. It records how Jesus lived, died and resurrected from the death.

God Shall Send Them Strong Delusion That They Should Believe a Lie: 11 Thessalonians 2:11

People are deaf and blind to the reality of the Spirit of the Universe, the real God. The false gods that tower over them have removed their ability to think beyond what they are taught by leaders and societies.

The Snare Is Laid For Him In The Ground, And A Trap For Him In The Way – Job 18:6-10

No one can escape God’s wrath at the idolatry and false gods they worship. Only those with the Spirit within and the knowledge of the truth will be spared what’s coming as we are at the end of the day.

The Dead Feel Nothing So Why Is Hell a Threat?

The threat of eternal suffering is something religions get away with but the facts are that the dead feel nothing. Hell is a trick of magic to make people conform to an emperor’s will.

Religions and Their False Claims Are Crimes Against Humanity

Pressure to worship false gods and to keep unnatural laws have created a huge wall of darkness. It is maintained by the threat of hell while heaven is the great reward.

Precept Upon Precept and Line Upon Line. Here a Little, There a Little. Isaiah 28:10

Deaf and blind to reality is the state of most in the world today. They struggle and suffer and yet they continue to worship false gods and idols while they mock the real God.

Sunday Worship and Sun Worship

Sun worship and Sunday worship are the result of the Islamic start to Christianity. It has never been changed because the Roman Catholic Church was established by Constantine and the break-away branches form the entire Christian system.

Reincarnation Overturns Heaven and Hell

With memory of reincarnation and commissions from the Spirit to tear down the wall of blindness my work has been ongoing for 30 years. The teaching given to me is now in the form of web sites, articles, e-books and blogs. It is building the mountain of God called Mt. Zion that is promised for the last days.

The People God Called Adam

Adam was not the first man as the majority think. It was the name given to a group of people at the beginning of a period referred to in the Old Testament as the day of the lord. Religious scribes altered many things that were given as prophecies and visions to the spiritual children of Israel.

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