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Christianity – What Does it Mean to Be a Christian?

Christian beliefs centre around the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. These beliefs are often expressed in different ways and have many differing views, but all share the belief that God sent His son Jesus to earth to rescue sinners from a life of sin, and most Christians believe that if you follow these teachings you will be allowed to go to heaven after death.

Christianity is one of the world’s largest religions with over 2.2 billion followers worldwide! But it is also one of the most complex.

What makes christianity so complex is that there are thousands of different churches and sects that all have different views on how to live. These are called “branches” in religion and often arise when members of a certain faith disagree about something.

When it comes to christianity, there are a few key things that people should know about what it means to be a Christian.

First, a person must be “born again”. This refers to a spiritual rebirth, whereby a person is “declared right with God” (Romans 4:20). In other words, people must have a relationship with the Holy Spirit, and that is only possible through being born of the Spirit.

Second, a person must have repented of their sins. This is done by praying and asking for forgiveness.

Third, a person must accept Jesus as their saviour. This is done by asking him into their heart and living a life that follows the Bible teachings.

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