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Psalm 2 – The Son Is Sovereign

Whenever we’re tempted to become anxious about our world, we ought to be reminded of the truth: God is Sovereign and absolutely in control; justice always comes, eventually. The Lord Jesus possesses the whole earth, even the wicked. They will soon see!

12 Ways to Use PowerPoint in Your Church

So you have this nice gleaming data projector for your church. Now, how are you going to use it?

Images of Jesus – Emotional Responses

How do you respond to seeing images of Jesus depicted in religious books? Are you satisfied with the usual pictures of Jesus you see? Is your heart touched by them?

Biblical Advice For Those Seeking to Build a Strong Marriage

A lot of people today marry for the wrong reasons, and before you know it, they’re divorcing. When they search for a spouse, they mistakenly look for someone who they think is going to make them happy. Nice as that may be, the best reason for marrying someone is because you love them so much that you want to devote your life to making them happy. It isn’t realistic to think that you aren’t going to have to compromise and give of yourself if you’re going to build a healthy and lasting marriage.

How Does a Left-Handed Person Put on Tefillin?

In the book of Exodus (13:16), the Tefillin Shel Yad (the Tefillin that is placed on the arm) is described as “Ot Al Yadecha” meaning “a sign on your arm.” The word “yadecha” (“your arm”) is spelt unusually, ending with the letters “Kaf-Heh” rather than the normal “Kaf Sofit”.

Outstanding in the Field: A Reluctant Messenger Speaks

Considered by many to be an expert in the field of paranormal activity, I must plead the opposing case by asserting my ignorance on a topic which befuddles the mortal mind in general. As the author of a memoir which stymies the thoughts of those who read its message, it is imperative I clarify the point of reference, convincing those who believe otherwise that I am no oracle, merely the messenger. While undergoing the second metamorphosis of my life, I’ve discovered what people seek is some reassurance. Detailing the chronicle of events which occurred in my childhood home does not make me an expert on the subject; far from it. Those who boldly declare they have the answers are the ones who scare me because I know they do not possess anymore privileged knowledge than I do. Beware of those who claim expertise on the topic of immortality. Yes, there is something beyond mortal existence but no one knows precisely what it is and should not disingenuously pretend otherwise. Ultimately, our spirituality is an inside job, one accomplished by embarking on a solitary path to enlightenment. The journey itself is a gift.

Is an Ancient Jewish Prophecy of the Coming of the Messiah Now Being Fulfilled?

An ancient Jewish prophecy about the coming of the Messiah appears to be coming true. The prophecy speaks of a growing tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran; it warns of Iran seeking to destroy the world; and it announces that Israel will be delivered by the coming of the Messiah. But is this prophecy accurate? This article reveals how well it aligns with Biblical predictions.

Praying in the Name of Jesus

If you ever prayed or pray in the name of Jesus Christ, you definitely want to read this! As Christians when we pray, we usually end our prayers by saying, “in the name of Jesus.” Or “in Jesus’ name.” But the phrase, “In the name of Jesus” or “In Jesus’ name” has to be one of the most misunderstood phrases in Christianity.

Of Rabbinic Hacks and Clerics

The Ministry of Religious Affairs, not able or willing to compete with rabbis who are actually educated and trained as clergy, ministering to the needs of the community and the individual, understood that unless they eradicate the competition they would be out of business. They can’t compete against professionally trained and religiously committed rabbis other than by fiat. They no longer have a raison d’ etre and are virtually illegitimate.

Go for the Best Gift

In this season of shopping for the world’s trinkets, there is a far greater gift that comes from God alone. Elijah had it and Elisha wanted it…times two.

Tough To Be A Christian

Our churches will always tell us about the wonderful blessings God will bestow on those of us who are Christian. However, very little is taught about what God truly expects from us in our daily walk with Christ and even less about what consequences will come if we don’t. Being Christ like is tough but Christ is there to guide us and forgive us when we stumble, but we must be doing our part.

George Tankervil

George Tankervil (also known as George Tankerfield) was born in the early 1500s in the city of York in England. Tankervil was baptised with fire, and rose to life eternal. Tankervil was martyred on the 26th August 1555.

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