New Testament Is the Product of the Catholic Church

The New Testament is not a truthful document! The unraveling of its stories and discovery of the huge conspiracy engaged in by Constantine and his cohorts followed from my research. It gave the religion of the emperor ever more power and control and was meant to deceive the world.

Gun Control Revisited

Background checks, certain gun sequestering, as well as limiting the capacitites of ammunition clips will certainly help the law abiding citizens, but what effect will it have on the lawless? What is the answer to gun violence in our Country? There is an answer, but is America willing to implement the solution?

Hope At the End of Our Power

Our humanity resists as harsh and deplorable when the judgments of life are exacted to the point that our personal power becomes crushed – to the point of the destruction of our person’s identity. Many of us have been through such a thing as a death-rendering episode that brought us to our comprehensive knees. At the time we saw no end in it, no sense in it, and we perhaps even questioned God over it.

Are You Worth It?

The subject of our self-worth or value is, on my view, profoundly important. But how do you rate your worth – how do you assess it? I raise this question because many people are putting a low value on themselves. Sometimes this produces deep anger. But what if you were loved by someone, would that make you treasured beyond value?

Homosexuality and Christianity Collide

Christians are intolerant homophobic bigots. They are prejudice towards homosexuals and attempt to prevent two consenting adults from participating in a mutual and loving relationship. These kinds of accusations are often made against Christians. Those who accuse Christians of this rely on poor reasoning and stereotypes to make broad brushing claims that are neither accurate nor true. They make claims about how love and equality should be for everyone. The problem is that many have not thought through the issue logically and rationally and instead are relying on emotional arguments to demonize those who do not agree with them.

God’s Will or Man’s Will?

Free will or fate? You must decide, but ignore the irony for now. Within Christianity there is an ongoing debate over whether God chooses those He saves or those saved choose to be saved. Those who emphasize God’s choosing trace back to John Calvin and are known as Calvinists. Those who emphasize man’s choosing trace back to Jacob Arminius and are known as Arminians. So who is right, the Calvinists or the Arminians? Does God pick us or do we pick God?

When God Decides To Move

The key word to every move of God is that it is “sovereign.” What does that mean? It means that God is going to do it, no matter who or what decides to oppose or be part of it. He has chosen to “arouse Himself in His holy dwelling place.” When God chooses nothing can oppose – not movements, denominations, devils, religions, governments, principalities, or powers. He says He is going to do it, and God always does what He speaks. Nothing can stop or oppose Him.

The Majestic and Glorious God

The Lord that we serve is a majestic and glorious God. He is the Elohim, the God of greatness and glory who created the universe out of nothing. As such, He is worthy to be praised and worshiped. David wrote Psalm 8 extolling this great God.

Spirituality Is God Given and It Is Not Born of Religion

The debate will continue because religious folk want to be seen to be spiritual and are reluctant to admit that they have no links to the real God. The difference between them and those who have the links is distinguishable and remarkable.

The End of the Journey

I prefer train travel. It reminds me a bit of the journey of life.

Is the Will of God Something We Are Obligated to Live or What We Were Designed to Live?

The will of God is often thought of as an obligatory checklist that we must conform to so that He is happy with us. On the contrary, the will of God was designed to give us freedom from worldly living. A life lived within the will of God is not one of restriction, but a transformation into a life free of the lusts of deceit in this world.

The Council of Nicaea and Emperor Constantine

Emperor Constantine established the Roman Catholic Religion at the Council of Nicaea in 325AD. The Church has covered over much of what occurred while the cohorts of Constantine have done the rest to hide its origins in sun worship and Islam.

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