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Holi Traditions and Customs

Holi is a festival that speaks of trust, love and goodwill. This is probably the reason that all its traditions are also representative of this feeling of brotherhood and the victory of good over evil. This article describes some of them.

Importance of Chardham Yatra in Hindu Religion

Nestled in the laps of the majestic Himalayas is the epicenter of all religious activities of Hindu religion – The Chardham yatra. This holi yatra is a must for all Hindu’s once in their lifetime. This article highlights about the beliefs, customs and practices of Hindu religion while on a Chardham pilgrimage tour and its importance.

Wild Man Causes Destruction of Big Pig Farm!

This article is about demon possession. The title of this article summarizes the outcome when Jesus cast demons out of a demon-possessed man.

Purim – To Drink Or Not to Drink?

One of the more frequent Purim (a Jewish holiday celebrating the annulment of a decree of genocide against us) activities is the consumption of alcoholic beverages, and every year without fail this leads to the discussion of whether or not this an appropriate way to celebrate the holiday, or for that matter, behavior befitting a person representing Judaism and God Himself. In researching this topic you will find numerous approaches to one’s drinking “obligation”: 1. Drink a little more than you are used to.

Who Killed Jesus?

The question who is to blame for Jesus’ death is a good one and deserves serious attention. The Sanhedrin put him in front of the Roman governor and the Roman governor washed his hands and handed the decision over to a boisterous rabble in the courtyard. In the end it was ordinary people who were responsible. But why would right thinking individuals who had presumably heard of Jesus’ wonderful ministry, helping people just like them, want him dead?

Penetrating Into the Method

The first and most important thing that Kabbalah teaches is how to correctly attune oneself to perceiving oneself and the world. This science tells a person about the relativity of his attainment and about how he should use this relativity to reach the Absolute.

LDS Primary Art – Appropriate Use of Artwork in Sharing Time

There is much debate as to what is appropriate to use in sharing time. The church emphasizes that the items used should generally be produced by the church. However let’s not get lost in the policy and lose sight of the principle behind it.

The Depressed and Discouraged – Jesus Comforts

Depressed and Discouraged folks need comforting. In the book of Matthew, chapter five, Jesus reaches out and comforts His followers who are going through difficult times. In this lesson, Jesus comforts the poor in spirit, the mourners, the meek and those that hunger after righteousness. Many of us also struggle with depression or discouragement. The same encouragement offered to these folks in Matthew five is also available to us today.

Significance of the Yarmulka and Other Jewish Practices

Judaica stores, both locally and online, offer a wide assortment of Seforim and other Jewish books, also well as kippot and mezuzot. In addition, a variety of items for special holidays like challah covers or menorahs can also be found.

Tough Questions About God (Part 3) – Why Did God Kill So Many Innocent People in the Bible?

This is part 3 of a 10 part series that tackles tough questions about God and His apparent absence from our world today. The question: “Why Did God kill So Many Innocent People In The Bible?” Read this though provoking article that will make you reconsider yourself as a ‘good person’.

Saint Clare of Montefalco’s Heart

Before she died, Saint Clare of Montefalco had declared, “I have the Crucified Jesus in my heart?” To their amazement, Clare’s words came alive; there before them were the marks of Jesus Passion! Cradled inside the softness of her grand heart, was the Perfect Form of Jesus Crucified, even to the Crown of Thorns clearly evidenced on his Head, and the lance Wound in His Precious Side.

Prophecy and the Signs of the End Times

Although the Bible is the most read and most published book of all time, many have no idea of the astonishing number of specific and accurate Bible prophecies there are. Up to 30% of the Bible is prophecy. Only a few of these prophecies remain to be fulfilled in the future.

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